Nourish Yourself With Aloe Vera, the Miracle Plant (3)


In conclusion of our discussion on the benefits of aloe vera, below are the remaining functions of the super plant to the human system:

Great vehicle of transportation

Due to the presence of lignin, aloe penetrates and is a perfect vehicle to transport other elements with which it is combined deep inside the skin. This is why there are thousands of medical and cosmetic products mixed with aloe.

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Here some examples:

When combined with eucalyptus and jojoba, aloe eases pain by penetrating the three levels of skin, entering the muscle region.

When mixed with bee propolis, it makes an excellent cream for skin infections.

When mixed with coconut oil and sun block, it makes an excellent sunscreen.

No side effects

Aloe vera (Barbadensis) has no known side effects.

Aloe in dentistry

Dr Timothy Moore of the University of Oklahoma has done studies on the application of aloe in his dental practice with fabulous results.  He asserts that toothpaste made from aloe or an extract of aloe helps combat bleeding and gingivitis in the gums, and helps to prevent tooth decay without the abrasive action which prolonged use causes tooth decay itself.

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Aloe mixed with jojoba helps eliminate chapped lips and fever blisters.

Aloe in beauty care

Aloe is a very important element in many types of beauty products. Facial cleansing is essential for keeping your face soft and supple.

Aloe has two components: lignin (cellulose) and polysaccharide (carbohydrates), which truly penetrate the three layers of skin, the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis, and cleans out bacteria and oil deposits that block your pores. Also, the natural nutrients like minerals, vitamins, the 19 amino acids and enzymes stimulate the reproduction of new cells, replacing the dead skin cells.

If the epidermis can’t get rid of these cells and oil, the skin pores will become blocked and the sweat glands won’t be able to function correctly. Infections begin to form in the skin.

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Due to its power to regenerate, heal, tone and its  ability to penetrate deeply, aloe is used in moisturizing creams, night creams, masks, shampoos, toning creams and facial cleansing creams etc. It is also used in suntan and other skin protection lotions.

Aloe is also used in creams for muscular and rheumatic pain and stiffness. Also, in gelatin form, it is used to combat acne.

Aloe easily combined with many different natural products and household products, like shampoos and cleansers.

The following is a list of the principal illnesses and discomforts that the aloe plant helps to prevent, control and/or cure.


Peptic and stomach ulcers

High blood pressure


Athletes foot

Multiple sclerosis

Varicose veins


Stomach and colon cancer

X-ray scars

Poor circulation

Skin rashes and infections

Chronic nose congestion


Intestinal inflammation

Seborrhea and alopecia

In Addition, aloe vera:

Deeply penetrates the skin

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Regenerates cells

Removes dead skin cells (Keratolic Action)

Works as an antibiotic


Helps digestion


Rehydrates skin

Is nutritional

Is cosmetic

Chemical composition and nutrients in aloe vera include:


Prostaglandins and Fatty acids: Gamma-linolenic acid. Prostaglandins help to reduce swelling, allergies and accelerates healing.

Enzymes: Oxidase, amylase, catalase, lipase, alkaline, phosphatase.

Anthraquinones: Aloin, barbalion etc

Amino acids: essential (Lysine, Isoleucine, Phenylalanine, Valine, Leucine, Methionine, Tryptophan and Thrronine) and non-essential: Aspartic acid, Glutamic acid, etc.

Vitamins:  A, C, B1, B5, B12

Minerals: Calcium, phosphorus, copper, titanium, zinc, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, sulphur, nickel and boron.

In summary, aloe vera

Increases the elimination of toxins.

Improves assimilation.

Improves nutrition.

Increases cell regeneration

Increases energy level.


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