Accolades as NAPharm, NAFDAC, Others Celebrate Juli @ 80


The Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy, NAPHARM; in conjunction with the National Agency for Food and Drug, Administration and Control, NAFDAC; Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, PCN; National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development, NIPRD; and West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists, WAPCP; joined in the special 80th birthday celebration of Prince Julius Adelusi-Adeluyi, Monday, as they eulogised the unparalleled impacts of the former health minister, founder and Chairman of Juli Plc.

Hosted by Dr Lolu Ojo, who welcomed all participants to the special virtual birthday celebration held on zoom, he said it is an occasion like no other.

Tagged “Pharma Friends Day”, the Monday celebration of Juli’s 80th birthday was attended by distinguished pharmacists all over the country,  including the President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, PSN, Pharm. (Mazi) Sam Ohuabunwa; NAFDAC Director General Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye; PCN Registrar, Dr Elijah Mohammed; NIPRD DG, Dr Peter Obi Adigwe.

Prof. Fola Tayo; Prof. Chinedum Babalola, vice-chancellor, Chrisland University; Pharm. Sir Ifeanyi Atueyi, founder and chairman Pharmanews Nigeria Ltd; Pharm. Pastor Ade Popoola; Prof. Lere Baale; Pharm. Remi Adeseun; Distiguished Prof. Cecilia Ihuoma Igwilo;  Pharm. Clara Anyanwu; Prof. Noel Wanang; Dr Theresa Pounds among others.

Speaking on the personality of Juli as he is fondly called in Pharmacy circles, Atueyi said Juli is indeed a proverbial elephant, noting that the description of Juli depends on which part  of him you can touch as his impacts spread virtually across all works of life.

“I have had a very close contact with him. Juli is also a good dancer and had a campus newspaper back then when we were in school called spitfire, and if your name enters into, you know you are in for trouble”.


Narrating his experience with Juli back then in the University, Atueyi said the Prince travelled from one country to another, and due to this travellings,  he missed one or two things in class, but he usually meet up by collecting notes from one or two class mates.

Atueyi also revealed how God has used Juli to guide him to the founding of Pharmanews. He said in 1974, Juli invited him to be the editor of the Journal of Pharmacy, a position he initially turned down, but due to the persuasion and assistance of Juli, he excelled in the office, which also paced way for the establishment of his own business.

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He disclosed how Juli has helped him solved his personal problem and how since that time he has become his personal adviser.

“Working with Juli means you are working with someone who has a vision, he inspires and encourages people and he has love for the profession of Pharmacy . He has integrity and he is an honest man with  a beautiful family.

“He is an institution whenever you are with him, you will definitely learn from him, my journey of 60 years with Juli has enabled me to appreciate a wonderful gift God has given to Nigeria in the person of Juli as he celebrate his 80th birthday. I pray for his long healthy and productive life.

“He chaired my 70th birthday in 2009 and also chaired my birthday celebration on October 1st 2019. During that ceremony, I prayed that God will preserve our lives so that in 2029, Juli will also chair my 90th birthday and God will answer our prayers”, Atueyi said.

The Registrar of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, PCN, Pharm. Elijah Mohammed read his special tribute, describing the Ado-Ekiti-born pharmacist as a patriot, he said Juli is outstanding in all ramifications,  as he is always lovely to be with him.

“If you intend to spend one minute with him, you will end up spending an hour. He is an embodiment of knowledge, inspiration, and motivation. Whatever word that comes out from his mouth if you harvest it appropriately you will get the right result as at when due”.

Mohammed said when he became the Registrar, Juli said one word and till this present time, the word is still ringing in his memory.

According to the Registrar, Juli is rich in encouragement, motivation and wisdom, he is a global renowned leader, the manager of men, material, and strength. He is a role model, board room guru, he added that on behalf of staff,  management of PCN  they are wishing Juli a hearty cheers 80th birthday.

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The NAFDAC DG, Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye on her part spoke about the compassionate and caring nature of Prince Julius Adelusi-Adeluyi. She described him as a man of excellence, service, distinction, and a gentle genius.

The NAFDAC boss further characterized him as an embodiment of knowledge, adding that there is nothing you want to say to him that he doesn’t have an idea of.

She said Juli has a calm and humble spirit, forgiving heart, prayerfulness, and all these notwithstanding his status of a world class citizen.

“Prince Juli is always there if you need him. I want to congratulate him and wish him at least 20 more years to come, I pray he will continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Ohuabunwa also speaks of the good personality of Juli, he said this is the first time he will be talking three times about a person and this simply means the person has to be a very important person.

The PSN President said he is happy to be part of this beautiful celebration organized by beautiful pharmacists like Lolu Ojo and Leere Baale.

He added that Juli breaks one record and sets another, adding that his excitement is that all these is happening during his time as the president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN).

“Juli is a person’s person. He is so charming when you see him, he will say something to soften your presence. It is with great pleasure to join NAPharm to appreciate your in print and footprint.

He also said the one time minister of health represents every good thing with the profession, praying that God will bless his offspring everywhere and bless him anywhere he sets his legs on.

Dr Obi Adigwe, the director general of the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), said his own is from the place of compassion and not from the place of sentiment, but from a selfish angle.

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He said we all know the usual saying that ‘reward for a job done well is more work’ he remarked: “we need you for 40 more years”.

“Looking through your intimidating profile, the one that stands out to me the most was when you dexterously work as the minister of health and social services that is an indication of where your true gift lies. Even as you have 40 more years to live, we need you more in the political world,” Adigwe said.

Adigwe also appreciated the wife of the celebrant, Princess Omosalewa Juliana Adelusi, for always noticing him and also appreciating him whenever she sees him.

Responding to all the accolades, the humble soul appreciated the organisers for the wonderful programme in celebration of his 80th birthday, most especially Leere Baale and Lolu Ojo for making this happen.

“When God wants to make things happen, he makes it happen. You can spend all you have, everything put in, and yet nothing will come up.  It is about time to put Pharmacy on a platform of recognition as we all know little things begin bigger ones.

“Pharmacy can be a great profession. We are in a situation of unfinished greatness, we can finish our greatness,” Juli explained.

While encouraging pharmacists all over the world, Juli said there is a word called Ubeb; Ubeb is a German word and it certainly means the best example of its class. He added that every pharmacist must ensure that he becomes the Ubeb of his time not within the health sector but generally speaking.

“For this to happen, we must put things together, work together, and join hands together with that problem will be solved, and if we do this we will have life changing experience most especially for Pharmacy and pharmacists. God is talking to us and we must listen,” he said.


  1. It’s always a great moment with our great leader…. Prince Julius Adelusi Adeluyi….yesterday he challenged the community pharmacists with nobility of a profession being the nobility of it’s practitioners quoting Oliver Wandell the great learned personality…. He spoke of Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya and Uhuru….. Spirit of unity…. Always a delight to hear him speak…. Calling Nigeria… A giant killer regarding practice of pharmacy and it’s visions in the past 40 years….there is hope for the future…. In God almighty… This is the time… I join all to say… Amen.


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