Again, Smile360 Wins Award for Excellence in Dental Care



Again, Smile360 Wins Award for Excellence in Dental Care
L-R: Dr Mohd Ahmed, prosthodontist, Smile360; Damilola Ajewole, practice manage; Dr Aaron Osei-Asbey, orthodontist from Ghana; Dr Amy Shumbusho, founder and CEO, Smile360; Timothy Ayeye, hygienist at Smie360; Amaka Oboh, business development coordinator; Nr Olanrewaju Akanbi, treatment coordinator, Smile360, during the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award (NHEA) in Lagos.

Smile360 Dental Specialist Clinic has clinched the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award (NHEA) for the seventh year for delivering exceptional dental services and setting the benchmark for excellence in the Nigerian Dental industry.

In a virtual interview with journalists, the Founder and CEO of Smile360, Dr Amy Shumbusho, expressed her profound joy for winning the award seven years consecutively.

While acknowledging their tireless efforts to provide high-quality dental care to patients, Dr Amy Shumbusho said their consistent recognition by  NHEA 2023 further underscores their efforts and motivates them to continue pushing boundaries and setting new standards in dentistry.

“We are incredibly honoured to have been recognised by the esteemed Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Awards for a record seventh time.

“This prestigious recognition is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence and our mission to provide our patients with the highest quality dental care”, she enthused.

The annual NHEA Awards recognises outstanding achievements and innovation within the healthcare sector, highlighting the efforts of organisations which have significantly contributed to healthcare service delivery in Nigeria.

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According to the CEO, Smile360 boasts several unique strengths and qualities, courtesy of her highly skilled and experienced team of dental professionals dedicated to delivering excellent care to their patients and deployment of state-of-the-art equipment as well as cutting-edge technology.

“We also prioritise patients comfort and convenience by offering a wide range of services under one roof, while our facilities provide a sense of serenity and a physical ambience which helps relax and soothe our patients by utilising state-of-the-art equipment and technology,” she outlined.

This award, she is confident, will inspire Smile360 to continuously improve its services, invest in the latest technologies, and further enhance their patients’ experience.

Not oblivious of the various challenges rampant in the nation’s health sector, Dr  Shumbusho, admitted that dentistry in Nigeria faces significant challenges due to the current trends of medical tourism and brain drain.

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She pointed out that many skilled dental professionals were leaving the country, resulting in a deficiency of competent practitioners.

“These issues impact the quality and accessibility of dental care in Nigeria” says Smile360 Clinical Director. “The government and other stakeholders must create an enabling environment encouraging dental professionals to stay in the country and attract those who left to return.”

To achieve this feat, the CEO recommended competitive salaries and benefits, improved working conditions, and more opportunities for professional growth and development.

Smile360 boss also highlighted some pragmatic steps the government could employ to promote local patronage of dental care and curb medical tourism.

“The government can invest in the infrastructure and resources necessary to provide high-quality dental care within the country.

“This includes improving dental facilities, ensuring the availability of modern equipment, and promoting the continuing education and training of dental professionals”, she outlined.

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She also endorsed collaboration with private dental clinics to develop affordable and accessible dental care packages for all citizens.

She said, “The government needs to conduct public awareness campaigns to educate Nigerians about the benefits of receiving dental care locally and the risks associated with medical tourism.”

In leveraging advanced dental technologies and techniques for superior outcomes, Smile360 offers new technologies, including digital dental imaging, CAD/CAM technology for creating crowns, veneers, and other dental restorations, and integrated electronic medical records and online appointment booking systems.

She said their professional services cover Family Dentistry, Orthodontics and Invisalign, Prosthodontics, Maxillofacial surgery, dental implants, endodontics, periodontology, Laser dentistry, Hollywood Smile, and Smile Design.

Through various outreach programmes and partnerships with schools and Healthcare Management Organisations (HMOs), Smile360 continues to express its commitment to promoting oral health education, driving positive changes in dental care practices, and transforming lives.


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