Shalina Marks 40 Years of Providing Quality Medicines in Africa


L-R: Mr Nirmal Jain, chief executive officer, Shalina Consumer; Mr Debajeet Mukherjee, chief executive officer, Shalina Pharma; Folorunso Alaran, head of Corporate Marketing and Key Accounts, and winner of Shalina EPPIC Award, People category; and Mr Arun Raj, chief commercial officer, West Africa, during the company's annual awards and gala night in Lagos.

Shalina Healthcare Limited, a leading Afro-focused multinational company, has vowed to continue to ensure that Nigerians and the global community have access to quality medicines while reiterating its commitment to the delivery of quality healthcare in Africa.

Arun Raj, the chief commercial officer, West Africa of the company, pledged in his opening remarks at the event organised by the company to wrap up the 2023/2024 financial year and celebrate 40 years of its existence, saying, the company is determined to continually fulfil its corporate mission of making quality products available to every African at affordable prices.

The colourful occasion, which took place at the Festival Hotel, Festac, Lagos, aimed at celebrating its 40 years of operation in Africa, celebrating the business partners, staff and friends of the company, and celebrating the success recorded so far, as well as plan for years ahead.

According to Arun, “It has been 40 years of trust in Africa and these 40 years, the people of the continent have also reciprocated the trust in our quality products and healthcare delivery.”

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Speaking on the new financial year projection, the Head of Corporate Marketing of the Company, Folorunso Alaran said; “The company is building on the trust Africans have in its products and services over the years and is committed to healthy Africa.  It has been forty years of available, affordable and quality products for Africans.”

In the words of Mr Nirmal Jain, chief executive officer of Shalina Consumer Global, “At Shalina, we believe that every African must have access to good products.  And for the last forty years, we have been trusted for our quality products. And more so, through our many initiatives and healthcare interventions, Shalina has continually raised the bar in healthcare delivery.”

Also speaking, Debajeet Mukherjee, chief executive officer of Shalina Pharma Global, noted that despite the prevailing economic challenges, the company do not waver in delivering its corporate purposes of availability, affordability and quality health products.

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“We believe that economic challenges should not hinder people's access to quality healthcare.  Whether the economy is good or bad, it shouldn't affect the lives of the people adversely. Even though some companies are leaving Nigeria, we are expanding our team in the country.  This is because we have trust and believe in Nigeria” he said.

In her presentation at the event, Mrs Opeyemi Akinyele, managing director of Shalina Healthcare Nigeria, said the company is focused on becoming the number one brand in Nigeria and continually promoting the best healthcare delivery in the country.

“Through our products, activities and interventions we have been doing greatly to ensure that quality healthcare is available and affordable for every citizen. And this is a promise that will remain unbroken” she said.

Appreciating the members of staff of the company for their commitment and supporting roles in the company, Akinleye said “Without you, your roles and efforts, we won't be here and the successes recorded in the outgone year won't be possible.  We also rely on your continuous support and commitment in the new year”

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Meanwhile, as part of the company's end-of-year activities, many staff members were given awards of excellence in different categories for the 2023/24 financial year.  Amongst them were  Lasisi Abiodun, Best Pharma Delegate; Lawal Abubakar,  Best Medical Delegate; Ruth Adesua Adewoye,  Best Regional Manager Pharma; Ganiyu Lateef,  Best CVD Delegate; Mercy Omoji, Best Regional Manager, Consumer; Uzuma Pascal,  Best Zonal Manager, (Global) and  Juliet Ngozi Edward,  Best Consumer Delegate Global.

Winners in other categories included Sandeep Sahu, Folorunso Alaran, Emeka Adimoha, and Chiuba Nwaosu among others, as the event ended with merriment and team bonding of Shalina staff from across the federation.

Shalina Healthcare which began its business in Africa in DR Congo in 1984 made entry to Nigeria 25 years ago.  It currently has about 2500 staff globally out of whom 2000 are in Africa.


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