Aggression is not Selling


Relationship is the most important part of selling. – Brian Tracy

In selling, building relationship is key

Nothing beats relationship in selling. My experience as a sales professional has taught me this over the years. People will go out of their way to buy from a salesman who they like and trust. People buy people. Personality matters a lot in sales. Buyers go the extra mile to patronise individuals who know the paths to their hearts. I have often maintained that today’s selling is about relationship and excellence. It is about ensuring robust relationships with your prospects and customers, and about the excellent products and services you offer in the marketplace.

Brian Tracy- endorsed speaker and training consultant
George O. Emetuche

Aggressive selling model unravelled

Aggressive selling is designed to get a consumer to purchase goods or services in the short-term, rather than evaluating his or her choices and strategically deciding to wait for the ideal selling time. The aggressive selling model is short-sighted, too pushy and overbearing. Today’s successful selling draws a lot of energy in relationships; sadly, aggressiveness or desperation in selling doesn’t provide the environment that enhances this mutual bond – because it is too quick, uncreative and straight-jacketed!

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Aggressive selling is considered a high-pressure method of selling. Buyers want to buy out of their volition. Even when salespeople talk them into buying products or services, buyers still want to retain the right of taking the decision to buy.

Aggression in selling sounds one-sided. It presents the salesperson as someone under pressure to sell. Unnecessary aggression puts the salesperson in a desperate situation. It puts the salesman on the attack line because his main target is to make sales, irrespective of the situation. He is driven by his quest to increase sales volume. This is not good enough.

Desperation begets aggressive selling

Desperation leads to aggression and these two are not great sales words. Being desperate – and subsequently aggressive – shows that the salesman is not in charge of his activities. It confirms that the salesman is reactive and not proactive.

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Professional selling is a win-win deal. Nobody should be under pressure. Everything should follow a planned sequence that leads to desired objectives. The salesman should make his product attractive enough. He achieves this during presentation. Great sales presentation diminishes desperation and aggression in selling.

The relationship between the buyer and the seller is an important one. The buying and selling process take a sequence. The process is expected to be followed accordingly if success is desired. These series go from one successful stage to another until the buyer and seller arrive at a rational conclusion. This aspect is important in the Art of Selling.

Aggressive selling is a quick fix!

I am astonished whenever I hear the expression, ‘‘Go and engage in aggressive selling.’’. Aggressive selling is a quick fix. Yes, you may try to disagree with this position. You may be imagining in your mind, ‘‘what’s he talking about?’’ I used to think this way too. I used to feel that selling was all about aggressiveness. No! This is not the way to sell. Don’t sell the wrong way. Real selling is strategic. Real selling is done intelligently and strategically, and not aggressively.

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Aggression or desperation is not a good product! It is also not advisable to be desperate in personal life. Be in charge. Be confident in all you do. Sell like a true professional and be equipped in product knowledge. Show buyers the benefits in your product. They will buy once the product will bring solution to their needs. This is an ideal approach in selling.

You can be aggressive in marketing activities. You can carry out aggressive marketing campaign but not aggressive selling. While marketing is broad, selling is personal. Selling is about developing relationships. Selling is relational. This is what I promote in personal selling.


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