Amazing Things You Never Knew of Toothpaste


We know there are some magical items in our kitchen and stores that do so many things other than what they are meant for, even though we don’t utilise them.

Toothpaste is one of those wonderful items. Apart from the tooth care, its also comes in handy for the most amazing of things. From removing gum from your hair to cleaning cracked CDS, toothpastes have suddenly become very useful than you could ever imagined. Checkout the lists of amazing things toothpaste can do.

Hand Freshener: Soap doesn’t work that well when you have to remove the heavy smell of fish, onions, or other stinky foods from your skin. Toothpaste works better for removing odors and can be used just like soap. Apply a dab to your hands and rub it like you would soap. Apply lotion or moisturizer afterwards.

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Pimples: Reduce redness and the size of your pimples with a dab of paste. Let it sit overnight, then rinse away in the morning for a noticeable difference.

Revive Headlamps: The cover on headlights gets dirty and scratched over time, reducing the brightness of the lights. Clean the cover with soap and water first, then buff it with paste and a polishing pad or cloth.

Brittle fingernails: Since our nails are made of the same enamel as teeth, paste can do a lot to help them. Simply give your nails a good scrub with some toothpaste for cleaner, shinier, stronger nails. You’ll also get that dirt out from underneath them in no time!

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Fly-away hair: A Gel toothpaste is largely made with the same ingredients as basic hair gels, so you’ll be able to substitute easily here. Just use a little dab and apply like a hair gel when needed. First Aid: Beyond beauty care, you’ll also find helpful ways to use toothpaste in that first aid kit. Keep a small tube tucked inside your kit for these emergencies:

Bites, sores, and blisters: Apply toothpaste to areas of skin irritation to reduce itching, swelling, and irritation. Toothpaste will dry them up quickly and help them heal faster.

Burns: For minor burns with no open sores, a quick toothpaste application can give you instant relief. The cooling properties get to work right away, relieving that painful sting. In the long-term, toothpaste will keep the burn from becoming a painful, oozing blister.

Bruises: For large bruises that take forever to fade, use a little paste and a wide-tooth comb. Apply the toothpaste and gently comb the bruise in one direction to break up the blood clotting beneath the skin. Paste helps with circulation and fights off the inflammation. Fashion: Our clothing and accessories can also benefit from many of the ingredients found in the average tube of paste. Give these a try:

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Jewelry cleaner: Before you pay for someone else to clean it, rub paste onto your silver jewelry and leave it overnight, the wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Give a light scrubbing to your diamonds to see them sparkle again, just be sure to rinse thoroughly. Avoid using toothpaste on pearls.

Shoe care: Scuffed or dirty shoes can look new again with a little paste. Apply it directly to the dull, dirty, or scuffed parts of the shoe, scrub with a brush, and wipe them clean.

Clothing stains: Tough stains will disappear with a little paste and some brisk scrubbing. Squeeze it right on the stain and rub until it disappears, then wash as normal. If using whitening toothpaste, be advised that this can have a bleaching effect on some colors and fabrics. Household: Toothpaste can save you money around the house by helping with some very basic tasks.

Computer cleaner: Scrub away fingerprints from your keyboard with a white, baking soda-based toothpaste. Follow up with a damp cloth and your keys are good as new!

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Iron cleaner: Take away the “crusties” from the bottom of your clothes iron with a quick toothpaste rinse. Just be sure to remove all the toothpaste before you start ironing again.

Baby bottles: To freshen up baby bottles and remove that sour-milk smell, put some toothpaste on your bottle scrubber and give them a quick wash. Always rinse them very well afterwards.

Piano keys: Like computer keys, piano keys get grubby with repeated use from the dirt, oil, and grime on our fingertips. Use a damp cloth and some toothpaste to rub down the keys, then wipe them clean with a dry cloth.

Crayon stains: Undo your kids’ damage to the walls with a damp cloth and some toothpaste. Rub it in gentle circles and watch the crayon fade away.

Odor removal: After cooking with “stinky” foods in the kitchen (fish, garlic, onions, etc.), getting the smell out of the skin is a challenge. Wash your hands thoroughly with water and toothpaste for a quick and easy remedy….

Mobile Screen Fixer: Devices without a protective screen can become scratched over time. Toothpaste can clean screens on mobile devices such as cell phones and handheld gaming consoles. Lightly rub the screen with toothpaste on a cotton cloth. Then wipe the screen clean with a second cloth.


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