Analyst Projects Number of Coronavirus Cases in Nigeria For July


In order to provide relevant agencies with requisite data for adequate planning and provisions on the number of Coronavirus cases in Nigeria, Data Analyst, Raimi Emmanuel, has recently designed a model for the month of July 2020.

According to the analyst, the model was designed to predict the skew of the number of cases likely to ensue from the Coronavirus situation in the country.
He added that with these projections, the Nigeria Control Centre for Disease (NCDC) would know the extra efforts that would be required to handle the spike in the number of cases if lockdown measures are totally lifted.

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He also added that the economic consequences of the Coronavirus situation in Lagos state and Nigeria as a whole would also be critically considered and subsequent actions will be taken.

He said with this model, several measures on how to reduce the number of cases as well as keeping the fatality rate at the barest minimum will be put in place.

Raimi stated: “The model has hit a variance of -6 and -8 on two occasions and other occasions have been closer than farther from reality”.

The projections are seen below:


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