Anti-D immunoglobulin (Quiz of the Day)


Anti-D immunoglobulin:
A is available as oral tablets
B is a vaccination for tetanus
C should be administered preferably within 72 h of a
sensitising episode
D is intended to protect the mother from haemolytic disease
E cannot be used for prophylaxis


  1. And the Winner is Adekunbi, with the answer as C

    Anti-D(Rh0) immunoglobulin should be administered immediately or within
    72 h of any sensitising episode during abortion, miscarriage or giving birth
    to a rhesus-positive foetus. It prevents a rhesus-negative mother from forming
    antibodies to rhesus-positive cells that may pass into the maternal circulation.
    It is intended to protect any subsequent child from haemolytic disease. It is
    available as an injection.

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