Bradford Pharmaceuticals debuts with four new drugs


Bradford Pharmaceuticals Limited, a new indigenous pharmaceutical manufacturing company, has debuted with four brands of family health medicines.

The unveiling of the new medicines took place recently at a colourful ceremony held at Lagos Airport Hotel and attended by a good number of health practitioners and some top Lagos State Government officials.

Speaking at the occasion, Hon. Idowu Obasa, chairman of Bradford Pharmaceuticals, said that the core values of the company are: caring, safety and effectiveness and intellectual enquiry (research), adding that these core values have been nurtured and fostered in the new medicines.

He noted that the Bradford brands, three OTCs and one ethical medicine are unique, in some respect, and some of them are even novel.

The Bradford helmsman stated that the company invested in local pharmaceutical manufacturing because of its commitment to social consciousness and responsibility and to make invaluable contributions to industrialisation and help tackle youth unemployment.

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Local pharmaceutical manufacturing, Hon. Obasa, stated further will also help curb the incidence of fake and counterfeit medicines coming from outside and help ensure availability of safe and effective medicines for health care delivery, conservation of foreign exchange and utilisation of locally produced raw materials and services.

Speaking on the newly launched products, the Bradford chairman said that the first product, Bradmol Syrup, is a pleasantly flavoured paracetamol syrup, formulated specially to avoid the possibility of the abuse of propylene glycol, glyecerine and analogues.

He noted that Bradford researched into the unfortunate incidents of poisoning involving some brands of paracetamol syrup and baby teething mixture, some years back, and formulated Bradmol Syrup to eliminate the problem.

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He said that Bradmol is effective in relieving feverish conditions in children and useful in mitigating fever and pain after immunisation, adding that Bradmol syrup is an effective household paediatric analgesic and antipyretic medicine with high safety index.

The second product, Bradcoff expectorant, the chairman said, is a pleasantly flavoured cough syrup indicated for the treatment of cough and nasal congestion in both children and adults. Speaking about the two other products, Bradferex and Bradferon blood tonics, Hon. Obasa noted that, while Bradferex blood tonic is an iron supplement that provides iron in daily need amount together with folic acid and vitamin B-complex, Bradferon is a prescription only medicine (POM) with a high concentration of iron, adding that his company is introducing the products with the full confidence that anyone who uses them will not hesitate to recommend them to others, because they are top quality products.

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Speaking with Pharmanews in an exclusive interview after the launch, Pharm. Anthony C. Obi, the superintendent pharmacist of Bradford, said that the company is in the Nigerian pharmaceutical sector to make positive contributions, both in terms of supplying top quality products and employment opportunities to Nigerians.

He said the company is already planning to establish a standard manufacturing facility to continue manufacturing and producing quality medicines for Nigerians at affordable prices.


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