Call for Nomination: Young Pharmacist of the Year 2020



Call for Nomination: Pharmanews Young Pharmacist of the Year 2019
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It is that time of the year again, when the Pharmacy community decides who becomes the Pharmanews Young Pharmacist of the Year, with their nomination of candidates.

Pharmanews Limited, which organises the Outstanding Pharmacist of the Year and the PANSite of the Year awards, birthed the Young Pharmacist of the Year Award initiative in 2018 to encourage innovation and active involvement of young pharmacists in public healthcare and community health development.

At the maiden edition in 2018, Isa Muhammad, emerged winner; while Frank Eze won the second edition in 2019. Now that the 2020 edition is here, who would you nominate?

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To qualify for this prestigious award, the prospective candidate must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a registered pharmacist in Nigeria
  2. Must be a young pharmacist not older than 35 years of age
  3. Must be actively involved in public health advocacy
  4. Must have demonstrated innovation in healthcare delivery
  5. Must have been engaged in drug research and development – especially towards combatting the raging COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. Must have personally undertaken other community development activities

We hereby call for nomination of young pharmacists who meet the above requirements.

Please mention your nominee as a comment to the post.

Sequel to the nomination exercise, a specially constituted selection panel will conduct background checks on nominees with the highest nominations. Thereafter, qualified candidates will be shortlisted for the Online Poll. The candidate with the highest votes becomes the winner of the coveted award.

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Please note that nomination closes on Friday, 6 November 2020 at 12 noon.

N/B: Previous winners are not qualified for nomination again.




    • I nominate Pharm. Eze Daniel Uche
      Prof. Daninho
      For his mentorship and philanthropic acts for the IDPs in Maiduguri

  1. My nomination goes to Pharm Daniel Eze (Daninho) for the wonderful works he is doing in Borno State.

    • I nominate Pharm. Eze Daniel
      A.k.a Prof
      He is a humanitarian per Excellence

  2. I nominate Pharm Eze Daniel. He is outstanding and has so many notable achievements to his name

  3. I nominate Pharm. Eze Daniel aka Prof. Daninho; Dude is a trailblazer and a humanitarian par excellence… Padre.

  4. I nominate Pharm. Eze Daniel aka Prof. Daninho; Dude is a trailblazer and a humanitarian par excellence… Padre

  5. I nominate Pharm. Eze Daniel a.k.a Prof. Daninho
    He is promoting the image of Pharmacy Profession in Maiduguri, especially among the IDPs camp and his radio program on health

    • Yes oo,

      our pharm. Eze Danie (Professor)

      deserve even môre international recognition for what he is doing over here in Borno state

  6. With gladness and high regards, I nominate Eze Daniel (Daninho). He is one of the most hardworking and inspiring pharmacists that I know.

  7. I norminate Eze Daniel with my full chest…😄
    He deserves the award and more sef.

  8. I nominate Pharm Eze Daniel(Daniho).. for his exceptional work during his service year in borno and also his humanitarian services

  9. I nominate Pharmacist Eze Daniel. He has been and is an outstanding person who has really worked in to uphold the profession. He deserves this award.

  10. I nominate Pharm Eze Daniel. I’m a pharmacist today cause of his partial help in my academics…he deserves it

  11. I nominate Pharmacist Eze Daniel…….his selfless service and health advocacy in Borno state has been really impactful……i really think he deserves to be the Young Pharmacist of the year…..

  12. I nominate pharm eze Daniel uchechukwu(prof daninho)
    He is the most suitable for the award

  13. I nominate Pharm. Eze Daniel for the award of Young Pharmacist of the Year

  14. I nominate Pharm Olusanya Timothy, CEO Healthynaija and a Public Health Advocate

  15. I nominate Pharm Olusanya Timothy (healthynaija) and Pharm Israel Oni (Pharmradio)

  16. It is my pleasure to recommend Pharm. Olusanya Timothy of Healthynaija for the 2020 Pharmanews ‘Young pharmacist of the year’ award!

  17. I nominate Chuka Amukamara, he’s a great YP doing us proud already.

  18. Dr. Chuka Amukamara of Pharma Space, he deserves all recognition, he has used his platform so much for Pharmacy

  19. I Nominate Pharm. Eze Daniel…
    Because He Perform and Participate in All Requirements Listed…

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