Cancer Awareness and Treatment



Cancer awareness and treatment


World Cancer Day is celebrated every 4 February. The primary goal of the celebration is to significantly reduce illness and death caused by cancer and is an opportunity to rally the international community to end the injustice of preventable suffering from cancer.

What is cancer?

When you have a cut or wound, new cells are produced to replace those lost or eliminated. The reproduction of cells stops when the proper amount has been created. When the cells in a certain part of the body continue reproducing new cells uncontrollably and without any reason, they produce a hard tumour. This is what we call cancer. If these cells move to other parts of the body and begin to reproduce again, this is called metastasis.


Symptoms of cancer

Depending on the location of the development of the growth, symptoms include swelling in the form of lumps, whether external or internal, that later produces pain and discomfort. This lump or tumour will affect and/or obstruct the passage of air, if in the lungs; urine if in the urinary tract; or obstruct gastrointestinal functions, if in the intestine, stomach or colon etc.


Cancer occurs most often in the following:

The breasts,*The uterus *The ovaries *The prostate gland and the testicles. *The liver *The bones *The throat *The lungs *The intestines. *The colon *The skin.* The bladder. *The pancreas

If cancer is detected in time, there is a very good chance that it can be cured. For this reason, regular medical check-up with your physician is vital.


Warning signs of cancer

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Loss of weight, with no apparent cause.

An ulcer, sore or discolouration of the skin that continues without stopping for three weeks.

Spot on the skin that grows, becomes irritated and bleeds.

Frequent headaches.

Difficulty in swallowing.

Persistent hoarseness (throat cancer)

Cough with blood, difficulty breathing (lung cancer).

Persistent abdominal pain (stomach cancer)

Change in the shape of the testicles.

Blood in urine without pain (kidneys and bladder cancers).

Change in intestinal habits – that is, passing faeces.

Change in the shape of breasts, especially through lumps.

Blood or discharge from the nipples

Vaginal bleeding between menstrual cycles.


General types of cancer

Carcinomas – affect principally the skin, mucous membranes and glands.


Leukaemia – cancer of the blood.

Sarcomas and Liposarcomas – sarcomas affect the muscles, breast, connective tissue and bones. Liposarcoma is a malignant tumour of the fatty tissue which usually develops in the abdomen (Lipoma is a benign tumour).


Causes of cancer

The causes of cancer are not well known. The DNA that is found in the nucleus of the cell is responsible for keeping the genetic code of cell growth and reproduction.  Certain external agents such as smog, pollution, excessive sunlight or internal agents like toxins, nervous system problems, exposure to x-rays, certain foods, the environment and heredity etc. can also influence this code negatively. This causes a loss of control in the reproduction of cells and results in excessive growth of the cells.

Other factors are:

Stress -When the thymus gland is affected by stress, the immune system is affected negatively, subjecting the body to illness. The mind, mood and attitude are all relevant in the formation of cancer.

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Inadequate nutrition – the human body needs good food in order to construct, repair and energise itself.

Lack of exercise – Exercise improves the nervous system’s functions, stabilises glucose and detoxifies the lymphatic system by cleansing it of accumulated toxins.

Alcohol – When the body processes alcohol, it releases a chemical called acetaldehyde which damages cell DNA.

These elements cause the deterioration of the immune system and induce these cells to reproduce out of control.


Suggested treatment

In all types of cancers, the best suggested treatment is to adequately fortify the body and strengthen the immune system, so that the body itself destroys and gets rid of the cancerous cells. Bee propolis and garlic thyme are a great help for doing this because they provide the body with the vitamins and minerals necessary for the immune system to function efficiently and thus destroy the cancerous cells.


Eliminate that which blocks the immune system

Stop eating toxic elements that contain lead, cadmium and mercury (canned foods).

Avoid volatile organic chemicals, such a pesticides or toxic industrial products

Wash fruits and vegetables carefully.

Eliminate refined sugar

Avoid fats like corn and soy oil.

Eliminate worry, bitterness, unforgiveness and stress.


Promote that which helps the immune system.

Vitamins -A (Beta- Carotene), C,E, and B6.

Minerals – Zinc, Chromium, Selenium.

Co-enzyme Q-10, EPS and GLA.

Amino Acids – Arginine, Glutatione

Herb extracts – Ginseng, Echinacea

Nutrients like Garlic, yoghurt, cabbage, green vegetables.

Positive mental attitude and emotions, love, creative visualisation.

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Have faith that you will beat cancer and recover fully.


Some people who treat cancer with chemotherapy obtain good results against the tumour but have very bad side effects, like hair loss, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, sterility and damage to the kidneys and heart. The B vitamins help to ease these problems.


When a person is exposed to radiation, it is very beneficial to apply aloe vera jelly to the radiated area and to drink aloe vera gel/berry nectar. This will help to rebuild the damaged tissues quickly. Aloe vera gel and jelly are highly recommended, being two of the best cellular restorers for human beings.


To prevent cancer and help cure it, we suggest:


Eat a lot of natural antioxidant foods, fruits with fibre and fresh raw vegetables.

Avoid red meat and animal fats.

Eat whole grains, broccoli and apples.

A proper detoxification is advisable.

Eliminate all junk food, canned foods, cold cuts, refined flour.

No alcohol

Eliminate consumption of pork and beef.

Eliminate dairy – yogurts, milk,

Eat fresh fish. Stop smoking.

Drink quality alkaline water

Take natural antibiotics like bee propolis, garlic thyme and echinacea to strengthen the immune system.




Guide to Natural Remedies for Health and Well-Being by Enrique Garza Gutierrez BSC. C.Ht.

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