Cataract of the inner eyes


Have you ever experienced any cataract of the eyes whether medical or spiritual? Checkout from the septuagenarian what he means by the topic.

Some years ago, I noticed that my sight was deteriorating and I could not see clearly, even with my pair of glasses for correcting myopia. My environment lost its lustre and beauty, and colours were not easily appreciated. A visit to my ophthalmologist confirmed that I had cataract and needed eye surgery, which was subsequently done.

I remember also a time my driver complained that he could not see well at night, even with the full lights of the car.  We then observed that the lamp shades of the vehicle had become opaque and therefore obstructed transmission of light. This was a form of cataract, which we treated immediately with the replacement of the head lamps.

Cataract is associated with age, genetics, radiation, trauma, use of certain drugs and some types of diseases. It results in opaqueness of the lens inside the eye, which prevents light from reaching the retina at the back of the eye. The illumination is reduced and the vision decreases. If untreated, cataract could result in blindness.

Before the surgery, my speed of reading and writing was reduced, as I needed more time and care to do my usual work.  Watching television was no longer a thing of joy.But as discomforting as it was, the experience also helped to confirm a basic reality of life – without light many things cannot be done. When the sun goes down, and there is no moon, even the stars cannot give enough light. That is why we work in the day and sleep at night. He who walks in the day cannot stumble.

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While on bed rest after the surgery, I was thinking of the cataract that affects the spiritual eyes. With spiritual cataract, your illumination is also limited and you cannot understand the things of God. You live the life of a natural man because your spiritual eyes are darkened and opaque. You cannot comprehend spiritual things. For example, same sex marriage is seen as a fundamental human right. Adultery is described as having fun. Bribery is interpreted as a normal practice of public relations. There is no shame or remorse in stealing and embezzling   government or corporate funds. Surely, you need surgery of your spiritual eyes to see things the way God sees them.

While in school, I studied some books of the Bible and passed Religious Knowledge. At that time, I saw the Bible as just one of the textbooks. It was exciting studying Acts of the Apostles because of the fascinating activities of characters like Peter and Paul, whom I thought had some type of magical power called Holy Spirit. The Biology teacher complicated my imagination and understanding and added to my confusion. While the book of Genesis stated that God created the first man and woman, the Biology teacher tried to make us believe that man originated from the lower animals. He believed in the Darwinian Theory of Evolution. Our spiritual eyes had cataract and so we could not discern the truth.  It was much later that I had the understanding and was able to distinguish the truth from worldly knowledge and theories. I now know that the Holy Spirit is a person you can invite into your life as Saviour.

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A woman named Hagar was wandering in the wilderness with her baby boy, Ishmael. When their water ran out, the baby was dying of severe dehydration and the mother could not endure watching her son die. So she turned away her eyes from him, weeping. She did not know that beside her was a well of potable water because she had spiritual cataract. In sympathy, God performed the surgery and she immediately saw the well of water, filled her container and gave Ishmael to drink.

Two gentlemen were walking from Jerusalem to a place called Emmaus soon after Jesus resurrected from the dead. They were discussing the unimaginable and incredible event when Jesus moved close and joined them.  Jesus pretended that He had not heard of the incident and they became more enthusiastic to tell him of the events leading to His death and resurrection. Jesus then seized the opportunity to expound the scriptures to them.  Of course, these gentlemen had serious spiritual cataract. The surgery was performed when they were to have dinner together and Jesus, in His characteristic way, blessed the meal for them and thereafter disappeared.

One woman from Samaria was chatting with Jesus at a public well of water without knowing His identity because of spiritual cataract. Jesus politely asked for water to drink but she refused because the man, being a Jew, should not have anything to do with a Samaritan. The surgery was performed and she realised that the person asking her for water was the Messiah.

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Spiritual cataract can prevent you from being aware of your inheritance, privileges, blessings and powers, as a child of God. I believe we all have such cataracts at birth but the word of God burns them off. This is why we pray that God should open our eyes to see the wondrous things before reading the Bible. Psalm 119:105 says,Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” We stumble when we walk in the dark.  The powerful illumination of God’s word however clears the darkness of our hearts.

If we saturate our hearts with God’s word, we become equipped to deal with apparently impossible situations. On the other hand, we easily succumb to temptations when we are devoid of the word of God. Poor illumination of the inner eyes is fraught with dangers. That is why Colossians 3:16 encourages us to let the word of God dwell richly in us.

As untreated cataract can lead to blindness, spiritual cataract can also lead to spiritual blindness. Therefore, pray for spiritual surgery now to prevent you from becoming totally blind to the things God wants you to see.






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