Check Out Home Remedies to Treat Teeth Discolouration


Teeth discolouration could be a very unpleasant condition for those living with it, as it tends to diminish their self esteem among friends. These blemishes can differ in colour from yellowish-brown to black-brown, and their shapes and sizes also vary.

There are different causes of teeth discolouration, but some of them are as follows: Foods and drinks; Red wine due to the tannic acid in it; Nicotine and tobacco products; Tartar;  tooth decay, aging, genetics and so on.

The good thing about blemishes on the teeth is that they can be avoided as well as treated with home remedies and professional treatment.

Just as preventive care is advocated for than treatment options, seasoned dentists who spoke with Medical News Today have highlighted some daily practices that could prevent the condition from occurring.

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Check out home remedies for brown spots on your teeth
A person with teeth discolouration

Tips to prevent spots on the teeth are:

  • Brush the teeth with a fluoride toothpaste for 2 minutes twice daily.
  • Floss once a day.
  • Rinse the mouth with water or brush the teeth after eating, especially when meals have contained high amounts of sugar, chromogens, or tannins
  • Use a fluoride-based mouthwash daily. This is not recommended for children under 6.
  • Regularly get dental cleanings and assessments.
  • Stop using nicotine or tobacco products.
  • Use a straw when drinking beverages other than water.
  • Talk with a dentist about any habits that may harm the teeth, such as grinding.

Some foods can help to strengthen enamel and prevent discolouration. Those rich in roughage or fiber can help to scrub bacteria and bits of plaque off the teeth. Others form barriers to plaque or contain chemicals that help to neutralize the acids that weaken enamel.

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Foods that may help prevent tooth discolouration include:

  • green, leafy vegetables, such as kale, spinach, and broccoli
  • cheeses and fermented yogurts
  • high-fiber fruits and vegetables, such as apples, plums, pears, and celery
  • foods rich in certain antioxidants, including carrots, ginger, and garlic
  • whole grains and cereals

However, for the established condition of teeth discolouration, the following treatment can be used:

Treatment for teeth discolouration

The cause of brown spots on the teeth will determine the best treatment.

The following home remedies can eliminate stains caused by foods, drinks, or lifestyle habits such as smoking:

Check out home remedies for brown spots on your teeth
A man flossing his teeth
  • Brush the teeth with a mixture of baking soda and water every few days
  • Rinse the mouth with a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution every day or every few days. Always rinse the mouth with water afterward.
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Many over-the-counter products can eliminate tooth discolouration. A person will usually see results after 1–2 weeks, though there is no guarantee.

Some over-the-counter options include:

  • whitening mouthwashes and rinses containing hydrogen peroxide
  • whitening toothpastes containing sodium hypochlorite
  • whitening strips containing carbamide peroxide
  • tray whitening systems containing carbamide peroxide bleaching gel

If discolouration is caused by tartar or medical conditions, a person may need to visit a dentist.

A dentist or dental hygienist will use instruments to scrape, blast, or rub tartar and plaque away from teeth. A dentist may also perform minor procedures to whiten the teeth and protect them from further decay. These include bleaching and applying topical fluoride.

Tooth discolouration associated with celiac disease is permanent. Most stains and spots caused by fluorosis or tooth decay are likewise irreversible.









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