Community Pharmacist Emerges as New FIP President


Swiss pharmacist Dominique Jordan was on Saturday, 1 September, 2018 elected as president of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). Mr Jordan, a community pharmacy owner and former chief executive officer of the Swiss Association of Pharmacists (pharmaSuisse), has served FIP for over a decade including as chair of the federation’s Board of Pharmaceutical Practice since 2014.

Mr Dominique Jordan

In his election statement, Mr Jordan said: “Around the globe, health systems face changes due to new trends and demographic, political and economic challenges. It is time for FIP to rethink its role and its benefits for members, partners and society.”

As a president of pharmaSuisse for 12 years, Mr Jordan led advances in the pharmacy profession in Switzerland, which included the introduction of a postgraduate title for hospital and community pharmacists that is recognised by the federal government, the introduction of a number of remunerated new pharmacy services and the implementation of an International Organization for Standardization compatible quality management system, allowing the evaluation of pharmacies.

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“Taking into account the work of past presidents, I will give new impulses to grow and use the unique potential that our federation has, gathering science, practice and education under one roof. It will be my priority to steer the evolution of FIP regarding its structures, its governance, its procedures and its missions to be in phase with the needs of our members and partners,” he said.

Mr Jordan will take office on 7 September. The FIP presidency is a four-year term. Outgoing president Dr Carmen Peña will continue to serve FIP as immediate past president.





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