COVID-19:Hope Rises as Texas Doctor Proffers Potential Cure


COVID-19: Hope Rises as Texas Doctor Proffers Potential Cure
COVID-19: Hope Rises as Texas Doctor Proffers Potential Cure

The days of the ravaging pandemic, COVID-19 may be numbered and its end may be at sight if the recent claim of a Texas Family Doctor, Dr Richard Bartlett is anything to go by.

An America health medium, Natural Blaze, on Sunday published an interview of Dr Bartlett with Debbie Georgatos on her show “American can we talk” where the doctor described how he has been treating COVID-19 patients with 100% success rate.

According to Dr Bartlett, the treatment is inexpensive and safe. He however disclosed that the treatment is commonly used for people with asthma.

Dr Bartlett said in the interview that the treatment involves inhaling a steroid called budesonide using a nebulizer. Dr Bartlett says many patients experience rapid relief from COVID symptoms after the first treatment.

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Bartlett explained in the interview that it’s the same treatment that worked in crowded countries like Taiwan, Singapore and Japan, which have recorded very few deaths compared to countries that locked down.

He therefore questions the effectiveness of the mandatory masks, social distancing or a vaccine, saying a vaccine is unnecessary because the mortality rate is so low and effective treatments already exist.

According to him, vaccines would be ineffective because of constant mutations to the Coronavirus.

He however gave assurance on the treatment he’s using, saying no matter how many times COVID-19 mutates, it’s universally going to work because the treatment decreases the inflammation, noting that the treatment is a “respiratory anti-inflammatory solution to a respiratory inflammatory problem”.

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Although neither the World Health Organisation (WHO) nor the American health authority has endorsed the treatment, thousands of Americans and experts have been reacting to the doctors’ therapy with many of them endorsing his recommendation.




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