Developing Abundance Mindset for Optimum Performance


The beginning of a new year often comes with a renewed determination and commitment to be, to do, to have and to create. A new year brings fresh pages filled with new opportunities and possibilities to do things better or differently.

Achievers often set goals toward a brighter future and a better life at the start of a new journey.  How can we maximise the possibilities and opportunities inherent in each day of this year? Studies have shown that success is 80 per cent mindset and 20 percent strategy. If you are keen to advance in all areas of life despite the challenges of  COVID-19, you must transform your mindset for abundance, growth, and high performance.

Firstly, you must develop “abundance” mindset. More often than not, when people who are smart struggle in any area of life, it is because of their mindset rather than know-how. Perhaps you also know someone who is smart, kind and hardworking but yet still far behind in his or her dreams, despite great effort for years. It is because they haven’t developed abundance mindset.

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Scarcity mindset is a pattern of thinking that sees opportunities, things and money as scarce resources. This mindset often manifests itself in fierce competition with others, an attitude of ingratitude and a low self-worth. On the other hand, abundance mindset is characterised by healthy competition for opportunities, open mind for new ways of doing things, an attitude of gratitude and a good self-image.

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When you look carefully around you, what you will notice is abundance: people, places, things, and opportunities. Nature is a storehouse of abundance. It is always expanding and will always be. The creator of man will always make things abundantly available for him. It is now left for each individual to conquer his self-imposed limitations and develop the consciousness to participate in His abundance.

Remove any thought of scarcity from your marvellous mind. Stop allowing your physical reality shape your dominant thought. Open your subconscious mind to abundance, prosperity and success.

Secondly, you must develop a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset helps you to keep learning, improving ad becoming better as a person and in the value you create for others. A growth mindset believes in the power of information, wisdom and action. The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset – a type of thinking that sticks with old ways of doing things and fights new and better way of doing things. A person with a fixed mindset is not open to learning, relearning and unlearning.

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To accelerate your progress this new year, you must be open to learning new skills and developing better habits that will serve you better. Most importantly, you must be open to unlearn old habits that not supporting your growth and progress.

A research conducted by Stanford University Psychologist, Carol Dweck, examined the mindset of young students. She found out that children who have the fixed mindset that intelligence is predetermined are unable to overcome academic challenges, compared to those who have a growth mindset, which believes that intelligence can be developed.

Researchers from the Universities of Miami and Yale also found that middle-aged adults with more positive beliefs about aging lived 7.5 years longer than their counterparts with a less positive self-perception. Simply put, your mindset can prolong your life.

Thirdly, you must develop a high-performance mindset. To record optimum achievement, this year, you must up your game, raise your standard and expect more from yourself than anyone can demand from you. Every act you do, you must do it well. You must develop a reputation for great work, excellent service and extraordinary contribution.

Whatever your hands find, do it with all your strength, heart and mind. To make this year highly profitable and productive, you must make each day highly profitable and productive. To make each day successful and rewarding, you must make each act successful and rewarding. Always remember, that it is not what you do, it is all about how you do it. It is more about how well you do your duties and less about how many tasks you have accomplished. Developing a high-performance mindset will fast track your journey towards success ad greatness.

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In conclusion, you have all what it takes within you to make year 2021 productive, profitable, rewarding and memorable for you and your loved ones if you become intentional in developing your subconscious mind for abundance, prosperity, growth and optimum performance. If you want to do great things, have new things and create new realities this New Year, you must first become a new you with an abundance mindset.


ACTION PLAN: Develop daily habits that will help you grow, perform better and develop abundance mindset. Be conscious about of you think and how you think always.


AFFIRMATION: I have abundance mindset. I am blessed and highly favoured.


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