Developing Resilience in Difficult Times


Year 2020 has been an unprecedented year for a myriad of individuals and organisations. The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the socio-economic landscape of the world in general and Nigeria in particular.

However, despite the negative impacts of the pandemic on the wellbeing of people and businesses, we are still provided with the rare opportunity to develop a resilient mindset in order to tackle the big and small challenges we are going to face in our personal and professional lives.

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Pharm. Sesan Kareem

By the way, the essence of life itself is to overcome challenges and solve problems. In view of this, below are three strategies you can adopt to develop a resilient mindset:

  1. Develop a positive perspective

Perspective matters. The way you see things shape your state of mind. Your mindset is your habitual way of thinking that influences your emotion, which determines your behaviour. To overcome difficult times, setbacks or life’s challenges, you must strive to see the cup half-full instead of half-empty.

Three factors shape your perspective: meaning, mindset and motivation. The meaning you give to life’s events or experiences determines your state of mind. Are your current challenges the beginning of your business or the end? Is God punishing you or preparing you for greater things in the future? Your answers to the above questions determine your meaning.

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Your mindset determines your motivation. Motivation is simply the motive to take action, the reason to belief more in yourself. For clarity purpose, if you see the current challenges you are facing as a learning opportunity to re-strategise, develop your leadership acumen and create a better culture in your life or business, you will develop a positive mindset, which in turn will determine the actions you will take and not take for you to survive this period and thrive moving forward.

Let me ask you these questions: What is your attitude towards your current challenges in your business or career? What meaning do you attach to your current experience? What are your habitual thoughts about what is happening in our world? What reasons will inspire you to keep on keeping on and finding a way to turn your setback to a comeback?

  1. Develop a positive attitude

Attitude is everything. To turn things around in difficult times, you must do things differently in your life and business. To do things differently, you must develop a positive attitude. Attitude can be defined as the way people think and feel that determines their behaviour.

Behaviour is just a reflection of a belief system. How people act is a reflection of how what they think and how they think. To grow, thrive and succeed, despite turbulences, as an individual or organisation, requires new ways of thinking about problems, value creation, customer service, marketing, operations, structures and innovation.

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It is also important to work on your emotions to feel good, inspired, motivated, energised and empowered, regardless of the challenges you are facing right now in your finance, career, health, relationship or business. More often than not, when things are tough, people feel bad, frustrated, overwhelmed, disempowered and lost. We all have a choice, and it is a mental choice to be in charge of our emotions, or allow events, circumstances or situations to control our thoughts, feelings and actions.

  1. Develop positive habits

Habits form results. It is a truism that if you can change your habits, you can transform your results. Human beings are habitual in nature. We are what we do on a daily basis. Habits are daily routine you consciously or unconsciously engage in.

We all have habits; these habits determine the quality of our health, relationship, happiness, career and finances. It is easy to form negative habits in thinking, feeling and behaviour. However, it is difficult to stop negative habits, especially when they have become a second nature.

On the flip side, it is quite difficult to form positive habits of thoughts, emotions and character because it requires discipline to keep them. Below are some habits you must develop in order to experience peace, joy, love and abundance, regardless of what life throws at you.

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*             Meditation: It calms your body, mind and soul, so that you can perform life functions optimally.

*             Visualisation: It helps you to have a clear vision of who you want to be, what you want to do and have.

*             Affirmation: it strengthens your belief systems.

Gratitude: It focuses your attention on the beautiful things in your life.

*             Exercise: It helps you to develop a healthy body and a beautiful mind.

*             Goal setting: it gives you direction on where you are going and what to focus on.

*             Learning: It enables you to develop the skills and know-how you need to excel in life.


ACTION PLAN: How can you inculcate these habits into your daily routine? What ways can you improve on these habits if you have already developed them? Which of these habits have you mastered? How can you develop the right perspective and attitude towards life?

AFFIRMATION:  I am resilient. I am a problem solver. I am blessed and highly favoured.

As a coach, trainer, strategist, speaker and management consultant, Sesan Kareem helps individuals and business entities to develop the belief system and motivation they need in order to succeed, excel and thrive in our ever-changing world.



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