Divine circularity, GMO and human fertility



Dr Patrick Ijewere

In the prior right up, I introduced the concept of divine circularity. This concept is not in textbooks. It was simply a revelation that came to me as I endeavoured to understand other perspectives of how man is to relate to the environment.
In discussing divine circularity, we touched on divine circularity in plants, in microbes, in animals and in humans. Let’s touch on it in regard to the earth. We are blessed to have divine circularity all around us.

The day and night cycle
As simple as it sounds, our daily cycle is another example of divine circularity. Each cycle of the sun has its purpose, as well as each cycle of the moon. The sun hands over to the moon and vice versa, 24/7, nonstop. This is the phenomenon of the earth revolving on its own axis.

The solar system
In spite of previous misunderstandings, it has become clear to us that the earth we live in has a circular orbit. It circles around the sun every 365/366 days.
Is it coincidence or divine circularity? All the planetary systems, including Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, all have a circular orbit around the sun.
And so, the principle of circularity is not new to our solar system. It’s not new to Earth; it’s not new to nature. It’s how everything works in perfection. And many ancient cultures around the world knew this, and planned their lives, livelihoods, farming and weather by this circularity.
Unfortunately, contemporary man has taken for granted this understanding of divine circularity, and now attempts to interrupt and control it.

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Male and female cycles
Even in the male reproductive system, man ejects sperm. He takes in nutrients that help to rebuild his sperm bank, and ejects again during intercourse. It’s the nutrients and nutrition that rebuilds his sperm and that circularity goes on. A woman has cycles, the monthly (period) cycles of fertility and infertility almost every 30 days.

Now, let’s come to GMOs.
GMOs are the perfect example of man’s disregard for divine circularity. Somebody claims to have a better process than God and Mother Nature. Their method hasn’t been tested, compared to the gazillions of years of Mother Nature and God’s design. And now we jump on it. If I may say, it’s like we are people under hypnosis.
This same man, with his pathological mind, has caused many countries to destroy their own native, God-given seeds. Such countries include South Africa. Colombia, Argentina, USA. And now they are trying to coerce other countries to follow suit.
Currently, South Africa has serious issues with the lack of indigenous native seeds to replant. They must buy seeds from the GMO seed companies, like Monsanto. The approach is being created insidiously globally, including here in Nigeria,

In next month’s write-up, I’ll go through all the lies of GMOs in detail. One lie after the other that has been sold, from the lies of increased yield to the lies of needing less pesticide.
Again, introduction of pesticide is another destruction of divine circularity. It damages the natural fauna and flora of the soil, including the earthworm and soil microbes, which are the true mediators of soil fertility.
The GMO seeds are covered with “neonics”, and along, with the pesticides. they interfere and kill the true mediators of soil fertility.
If you look at the countries that have embraced GMOs heavily, they have a major problem with fertility. Men’s sperm counts are dropping. Women’s fertility is reducing. And so fertility clinics are increasing. The data is out there online.

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The parallel between nature and humanity
You plant a seed in the soil. It gives you trees, grains, legumes, vegetables and fruit. Now, somebody comes along and tells you that if you want to enjoy plantain, you must come to him to get the seeds or seedlings. Each time you want to eat yam, you must go to him to get the seed or seedlings! Does this make sense?
The human parallel is, each time you want to have a child, you have to get the seeds from him. The seed is the sperm from the male. The seed is the male principle which is planted into the soil. The soil is the female principle. It is the womb that incubates the seed. Within the womb, the new life develops roots into the Into the soil, the placenta and gets nutrition or nourishment. This nurtures the growth of the child in the womb.
There is a divine parallel between the seed and the man’s sperm. And the womb, and the soil, the earth, the woman. For man in his right mind, especially The African man, to accept and give the power to another man to produce his seed, his sperm in the laboratory, The African man has lost his compass. the African man has lost his divine compass !
And man will see that GMO will cause him to lose his fertility. And that’s what studies have shown, from the first long-term study that came out from Prof. Seralini in Italy. The rats lost their fertility by the third generation. And today, we are seeing an increasing decline in fertility and sperm count.
Nigeria and Africa needs to be awoken to keep this technology out of our shores. Those who already have been cultivated, get rid of them by burning the fields.
We are of nature. We are a parallel of nature, and that’s the source of our best fertility. Protect our indigenous seeds, protect our soil fertility and we protect our humanity.


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