ElectroClerk software will make life easier for community pharmacists -Morak


To enhance professionalism and reduce stress in daily business operation of community pharmacies in Nigeria, Electrokingdom Limited, an innovative software company, has introduced ElectroClerk Pharmacy Software, which it said will help make life easier for community pharmacists.

Speaking with Pharmanews at the 32nd Annual National Conference of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN), held at the Cultural Centre, Calabar, Cross River State, recently, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company, Mr. Morak Bamigboye-Aje, disclosed that the software is specifically made for community pharmacists, as it affords them the opportunity to operate their pharmacies without stress, adding that it also saves time and resources.

“We encourage all community pharmacists to move with the trend, because with our pharmacy software, your patient’s medical records can be kept, so that your patient gets up-to-date messages on their phones on how to take their drugs and when to take them. It also enables you to receive alerts on your daily sales report, while you can connect to your database online and get all the information you desire about your pharmacies. It goes beyond that, as it also helps you to keep accurate records of your inventory, product expiry dates, and allows you to monitor the frequency of your sales, even when you are not around.”

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According to him, the software is useful to those who are just setting up pharmacy outlets and those who are already established in the profession. “The steps are very easy, as they only require that the person should buy our software and install it on his or her computer, which may be more than one or two. It does not take more than three minutes to install and it can be done by the pharmacist or any other person. By the time the person tries to activate it, an activation code would be sent to the person’s phone number. So, if it is successful, the person can start using the software,” he said.

The Electrokindgom boss explained that the most beautiful thing about the software was that it does not require annual renewal fee or licence fee, saying that the person only needs to buy the software for one outlet at a time and it can work for as many computers as possible. “However, as we all know that software as a technology keeps evolving, if you have a version this year, an upgraded version may come out next year. This does not mean that you would have to throw away the old version that you have. All you have to do is to buy an update at a very cheap price, or you may decide to keep using the old one that you have, since it doesn’t change anything. It is just like having an old model phone that is serving you and wanting to buy a new model.”

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While expatiating on some other products that the company sells, apart from ElectroClerk, he explained that the company, which was established in 1998, started by writing customised software for companies, but decided at a point to start writing unified software for companies. “At that point, anybody can walk into our company and when they mention the kind of business they do, we would give them the software that works with it. So, apart from pharmacy software, we also sell school software for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, which enables the schools to monitor their payments online, upload and check their school results and do so many other things. We also haveElectroClerk for bookshops, for general commerce, microfinance and cooperative institutions.”

Speaking on the company’s relationship with the ACPN in both Rivers and Lagos States, he said the software had been bought in bulk by both states, adding that Rivers State had already sold the first batch that they bought to their members. “Presently, the software is sold at just fifty thousand naira, outside the conference, but at conferences like we are now, the price varies. Meanwhile, it is advisable that states buy in bulk, like Rivers and Lagos States are doing. When they buy in bulk, it reduces the price and the pharmacists would have to buy from their associations,” he said.

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He stated further that labelling is very easy when using the software because it redresses irrational drug use and medication errors.  “So, community pharmacists who are yet to buy into this innovation are encouraged to do so, as a pharmacistshould be able to show a difference in his practice from that of ordinary drug hawkers,” he said.

He said that the slogan of the company is “making life easier”, adding that his firm is determined to put smiles on the faces of every pharmacist in this country. He hopes that, in the long run, no community pharmacist would have any other choice than to adopt this innovation.

L-R, Mr MorakBamigboye-Aje, chief executive officer, Electrokingdom Limited and a staffmember at the 32nd ACPN Conference, held in Calabar, Cross River State.
L-R, Mr MorakBamigboye-Aje, chief executive officer, Electrokingdom Limited and a staffmember at the 32nd ACPN Conference, held in Calabar, Cross River State.



  1. I heard they have separated Hospital pharmacy software module from the community module but you may call their Support Manager or Head of ElectroClerk Team.

  2. Promises to be very good.How can we see the demonstrations? Any software for hospital pharmacy use? How do we get one?

    • You can contact some community pharmacists. If you are in LAGOS visit Mascot Pharmacy Mosan Ipaja, Egbeda Pharmacy, Clich Pharmacy Egbeda, Hess Tee pharmacy Ejigbo, Hess Pharmacy Awolowo road Ikoyi, ABUJA- Tuccimed Banex (LG), Pharmadelphia Jabi upstairs. ASABA Healt Hospitale Opp FMC. PORT HARCOURT- SODATON Pharmacy NTA road, Care link Abloma. ILORIN EXCELSURE Pharmacy opp Kwara hotel, Mojilat Pharmacy Tanke. There are others in ENUGU, UYO, CALABA, BENUE, NASARAWA, ONITSHA, ABEOKUTA, IBADAN, ONDO, OSUN etc

    • @ Idowu, thanks for reading, we shall keep you informed when the software for hospital pharmacists use is out.Keep reading and sharing our page.


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