Emir of Zazzau Charges Academic Pharmacists on Quality Training for Pharmacy Students


-As Kaduna PSN-YPG Members Pay Courtesy Visit to him

Emir of Zazzau, Amb. in a group photograph with some members of Kaduna PSN-YPG

For Pharmacy students to have favourable adaptation in the fast changing world of technology advancement, the Emir of Zauzzau, Amb. Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli has tasked pharmacists in academia on quality training for the youngsters.

The Emir, who ascended the Zazzau Emirate on 7 October, 2020; as her first Emir from the Mallawa ruling house in 100 years, said improved training of students is imperative, as the practice of Pharmacy has transcended the borders of drugs dispensing.

Speaking during a courtesy visit of some members of the Kaduna State PSN-YPG to his palace, the monarch expressed his deep admiration for Pharmacy, which made him convinced his daughter to study Pharmacy.

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The Coordinator, Kaduna State PSN-YPG, Pharm. Mahmud Ahmad Kubau; presenting a congratulatory plaque to the Emir, Amb. Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli during the courtesy visit. in his palace

“My admiration for Pharmacy was born out of my experience of holistic pharmaceutical care, medication reconciliation and tele-pharmacy, which led me to convince my beloved daughter to study Pharmacy when she was confused about choosing an undergraduate course of study.

Pharmacy is a profession that deals on drugs and medicines. It entails drug discovery, development, design, and formulation, including dispensing to both humans and animals for improving health.

To be a certified pharmacist, it is mandatory to pass through the four walls of an approved pharmacy institution. There are over twenty universities offering Pharmacy as a degree courses in Nigeria.

The young pharmacists presented a congratulatory plaque to the Emir for his successful emergence as the 19th Emir of Zazzau as well as the equipping of the Emirates with COVID-19 protective apparatus via a donation of hand sanitisers, gels, sprays, etc. by RHG Health and Wellness Pharmaceuticals.

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Appreciating their kind gesture, the Emir offered hearty blessings and liberations on the pharmacists while encouraging them to maintain relations with the Emirate as they continue to advance the course of Pharmacy profession in Kaduna State and Nigeria as a whole.

In attendance, were the members of the PSN -YPG Kaduna State executive council of the PSN-YPG Kaduna ably led by her coordinator- Pharm. Mahmud Ahmad Kubau; the PSN Kaduna State PRO- Pharm Mubarak Nuhu Idi and other well esteemed patriots of PSN -YPG Kaduna.




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