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Good health demands a measure of bodily exercise. As you get older, the tendency is to reduce exercises, especially aerobic ones. Health benefits of exercise include increasing agility of the body, reduction of the risk of heart disease, constipation, blood pressure, cancer, and back pain. It improves cholesterol profile, and improves blood sugar and insulin dynamics. Exercise is an anti-depressant because of endorphins ( antidepressants) are released into the body during exercise. With exercise you can handle stress more effectively. It enhances mental abilities. Have you noticed that you receive some creative ideas during exercise. Of course, fat people benefit from exercise.
It has been found out that exercise enhances the immune system by speeding up the activity of the lymphatic system.

Some people ask how much exercise is needed for health. Experts recommend that thirty minutes of three to five days a week is sufficient to provide the necessary health benefits. Whatever type of exercise you do must be enjoyable to you. Walking briskly is a very good exercise.
I strongly recommend daily exercise. Depending on where and how you spend most of day and your nature of work, you can adapt exercises into your daily routine. What you do is just to improve your health and not just to impress any person. I enjoy going up and down the 40 steps of our building several times a day. The top open place provides a wonderful place for rest and meditation. Monitoring your performance motivates you. Therefore, the use of a paedometer becomes necessary. You also need to set your daily target. My target is 4000 steps. Climbing steps gives the heart more exercise that just walking on plain ground. Of course, you must not do what your heart cannot cope with.

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When walking you can still do a couple of things simultaneously. You can listen to some recorded music and messages. What prevents you from thinking about the needs of your customers, ways of improving your services and products, the meetings and functions you plan to attend.

Don't kill yourself sitting for hours and reducing your lifespan. Get up occasionally and stretch yourself, and walk about. Why do you sit down reading your newspapers? Stand up and read. Walk and read. Go to your secretary and drop your papers instead of ringing her to come. If you need coffee or tea, stand up and make it. Who says you cannot take your beverage walking and talking or even praying. I encourage this type of multitasking. Don't glue your buttocks to your chair for hours. It is unhealthy especially for the older ones. Even if you are in the conference hall, stand up and walk out of hall for a few minutes. Whatever you might have missed in the hall cannot compare with the mileage gained in health.

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In some offices, executives who should use the steps to the first and second floors keep waiting for lifts. Their reasoning is that big men should use lifts and junior staff can manage the steps. But it is the executives who should actually use the steps to enjoy a little aerobic exercise and prevent heart problems.

Who says you cannot do shadow boxing in your room? Since I have never entered a boxing ring, I make sure I engage in shadow boxing to improve my health. You don't have to pay an exercise instructor to teach you to stretch your body, flex your knees and and twist your waist. After all, some of us enjoyed ‘twist' dance in our younger days.
Whatever makes you to move your body is an exercise. Don't wait for the time to kit yourself with multicoloured canvass shoes and stocking and and T-shirt and caps to do your exercise. That one is good but not essential.

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Most of us big men wait to be served every time. But if you value your health and the need for exercise, why not help with some household chores. When you go to the kitchen to collect some fruits from the refrigerator, or pick up plates and cutlery for the dining table, you are doing more good to yourself than any other person. When you return the used plates from the dining table to the kitchen you are doing a lot of good to your health.

Dancing is a very good exercise. Some churches have long sessions of praise when members dance freely. During this dancing period members enjoy both spiritual and physical benefits. I enjoy this session in my church. If members knew what they gain from the praise and worship session, they would want it to extend it to one hour.
Muscular movement stimulates the lymph in the lymphatic system which drains off the toxic materials, poisons, dead cells and excess fluid through the lymph nodes for destruction. This creates a healthy bloodstream to supply oxygen and nutrients to the cells, thereby providing energy for the body.



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