Epidemiologist Urges Research Into Suspected COVID-19-Induced Blindness


A recent case, seen by doctors in the United Kingdom, of an individual experiencing persistent blindness due to Coronavirus-related complications is, so far, an isolated one, although further research will be required, an official said.

Natalya Pshenichnaya, an epidemiologist at Russia’s consumer watchdog Rospotrebnadzor, said this on Tuesday.

Physicians in the UK published their findings in the Cureus journal on Jan. 19.

They described a 54-year-old woman who experienced persistent cortical blindness after undergoing intensive care treatment for posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome and severe COVID-19 symptoms.

“An almost isolated case of cortical blindness was recently outlined by British doctors.

“Since this case, at least for now, is unique, it is impossible to draw any conclusions about the causal connection of this symptom with COVID-19,” Pshenichnaya said.

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The Rospotrebnadzor epidemiologist said that the woman may have experienced a stroke while undergoing treatment, adding that more research will be required to assess the case in question.

“Neurologists need to study all the circumstances of the patient’s pathological condition in detail,” Pshenichnaya remarked.

Cortical blindness is the partial or total loss of vision caused by damage to the brain’s occipital cortex.




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