Expert Links Frequent Urination at Night to Hypertension Sign


A new study was carried out in Japan and it found that nocturia may be associated with hypertension and high salt intake.

Experts say that nocturia pertains to a condition in which sufferers wake up during the night due to the fact that they need to urinate. It is further worth mentioning that sleep disorders, high fluid intake, and bladder obstruction are the most common causes of frequent toilet trips at night.

Individuals without this condition can actually go to slumber for 8 hours uninterruptedly and without having to urinate. For those with nocturia, they get up for about 2 to 6 times during the night.

The findings of this research were published at the 83rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society.

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According to study author Dr Satoshi Konno, their study indicates that if you need to urinate in the night you may have elevated blood pressure and/or excess fluid in your body.
Dr Konno is of the Division of Hypertension at the Tohoku Rosai Hospital in Sendai, Japan.

Today, more and more scientists are looking into the ways to aid in reducing the prevalence of hypertension. Little do many people know that certain natural remedies like curcumin may aid in fighting the condition.

This natural healing remedy popularizes the ancient medicinal spice called turmeric, which has long been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine.

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It is further worth mentioning that through the inflammation-fighting effects of curcumin, it has been found to reduce blood cholesterol. It further has anti-clotting properties and may ensure blood vessel health.

Scientists say it offers protection against cellular damage, and this permits a smoother flow of blood.

Individuals who want to experience its healing benefits may turn to the use of certain formulas, such as VitaBreeze Curcumin.

This extra-strength supplement may deliver curcumins ability to dilate the arteries. It is worth mentioning that curcumin aids in inhibiting the transport of calcium. Experts reveal that this chemical messenger called calcium signals the muscle cells to contract.
Through this mechanism exerted by curcumin, it works wonders in dilating the arteries.

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VitaBreeze Curcumin is widely preferred by health-conscious consumers today. In addition to being highly potent, this formula is also equipped with black pepper which increases the absorption of curcumin inside the body.

An increasing number of researchers are actually investigating into the ways to fight hypertension. There are also those who look for the early signs of the condition that could help in early diagnosis and treatment.


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