FIP World Congress – Reducing the global burden of diseases


Second registration deadline: 1 August

Pharmacy professionals and scientists from around the world are flocking to the FIP 2016 congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Why? The congress offers a world-leading mix of education, networking and social events delivered by some of the best speakers and event organisers available today. Delegates hear the latest thinking in the practical, political and academic drivers of population health and they have a rare chance to hear, discuss and formulate their own local policies and practice based on global thought-leadership. What’s more, they take home lifelong memories of Argentina’s culture and landscape. Register here!

Emerging infectious diseases 

Infectious diseases affecting humans are increasing in range and severity at an unprecedented rate. The latest thinking in infectious disease management by pharmacists will be reviewed at one of the popular education sessions of the FIP congress. Roles in emergency planning are emerging and involve hospital pharmacists in creating preparedness plans that are flexible enough to respond to a variety of emerging infections. The session will show that the hospital pharmacist’s unique skillset can facilitate the tailored provision of drug information, risk-managed use of unlicensed and trial medicines, medicine administration and parenteral nutrition.

#WorldNoTobaccoDay: 1.2m People Die From Exposure to Tobacco Smoke Yearly –WHO

Paediatric hypercholesterolemia

Atherosclerosis can begin in childhood and the most important risk factor, hypercholesterolemia, is asymptomatically present in approximately 12% of children. Individuals diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia present themselves in the pharmacy. Focusing attention towards the children of such patients is considered a very effective screening strategy. Argentine researcher of paediatric hypercholesterolemia Dr Jorge Robledo hopes that the FIP congress 2016 will produce a Spanish-speaking partner to design a global pharmacy screening programme. For information, please contact: Jorge A. Robledo — and look at the website.


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