Spice up your day with these 5 super spices


Just as knowledge is not static, so scientists keep revealing new discoveries on every field. We have been used to super foods in the pasts, but leading nutritionists have found super spices that sooth the human body system all day.

We have known of such miraculous foods like avocado, nuts, sour sops and others, but researchers have recently published on Mail Online, these super spices that give the human system the needed treat to function effectively. Check them below:


It’s often paired with apples, sprinkled on oatmeal and french toast.But, according to recent research published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology, cinnamon is more, much more, than just a delicious addition to breakfast

Researchers say it can also improve a person’s ability to learn. How? The spice reverses biochemical, cellular and anatomical changes that occur in the brains of thse people with poor learning ability.

These sweeteners have been linked to mood swings and depression, as well as increased appetite.And therein lies another of cinnamon’s secret weapons, it can provide a healthy substitute to sugar.

Cellular Nutrition and Chronic Degenerative Diseases (2)

Leading nutritionist, and author of Natural Alternatives to Sugar, Dr Marilyn Glenville, told Daily Mail Online: ‘If you are really craving something sweet, try adding cinnamon to your natural yoghurt, latte or porridge.’A few studies suggest that adding cinnamon to food might help better control a person’s blood sugar, by lowering post-meal blood-sugar spikes.’


It is instantly recognisable to anyone with an ounce of culinary intrigue – it’s bold, yellow colour beaming from the spice shelves in any food store.

In India, turmeric paste is more than just a vital component of their national cuisine. For it is regularly applied to wounds to speed the healing process.It’s secret lies in a key molecule – curcumin, a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin has also been shown to help relieve pain in arthritis patients, injuries and even dental problems.

Lily Soutter, a nutritionist and weight loss expert, explained: ‘This bright yellow spice is best known for it’s potent anti-inflammatory benefits.

‘It is the curcumin within turmeric, which has been used to treat inflammatory conditions like arthritis as well as playing a role within cancer prevention and protecting against heart disease’.

Scientists Link Foods with Low Nutritional Quality to Higher Cancer Risk

Nutritionist Cassandra Barns said: ‘It stimulates production of bile by the gallbladder that is used by the liver to filter and expel toxins. ‘You can also take turmeric supplements with the active curcumin for similar effect.’


It is more than just an old wives’ tale, ginger really does have healing powers.The vibrant spice calms the digestive system, helping to sooth stomach troubles.

Dr Glenville said the spice can be particularly helpful to women in the early stages of pregnancy, struck by morning sickness.’Consuming a ginger tea with a meal may be useful, especially in pregnancy.

Ms Soutter, said the spice can also transform a person’s complexion.’Ginger can give you that healthy glow, radiant skin and glossy hair,’ she said.’This is because ginger stimulates circulation, allowing more vital nutrients to reach each organ.


There is a good reason why a gram of saffron is more expensive than gold.The spice has long been used in traditional Persian medicine as a mood lifter, usually added to tea or rice. ‘Saffron extract helps increase serotonin, which is the feel good hormone in the brain,’ Ms Barns explained.’This will not only improve your mood but also stop you from snacking, giving the same boost in serotonin as a biscuit.’

A Glass of Milk Daily Could Keep Diabetes, Obesity at Bay- Study Finds

It is arguably the Holy Grail of medical research, discovering a way to help combat obesity.

But, part of the answer may already lie in the store cupboard.Research has shown that capsaicin, a powerful compound found in hot chilles and cayenne pepper revs up the body’s metabolism and may boost the body’s ability to burn fat.

Shona Wilkinson, Nutritionist at SuperfoodUK.com, said: ‘We all recognise that cayenne helps us heat up, even making us break a sweat after consuming it. ‘It is the active constituent capsaicin that creates the heat in our body from the food ingested. ‘Studies have also shown that chilli may help to decrease your appetite too.’




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