German Police Moves against False COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates



German police moves against false COVID-19 vaccination certificates
Fake COVID-19 vaccination certificate

Police on Thursday began searching the homes of more than 100 people in Bavaria and other states in southern Germany who allegedly obtained false COVID-19 vaccination certificates.

According to the police statement, the public prosecutor’s office in Augsburg issued orders to the district court to search the homes and take blood samples from a total of around 100 people.

The police noted that investigations against a physician who was involved in “irregularities with COVID-19 vaccinations” prompted the search.

Some patients who visited the physician with the intention of receiving COVID-19 vaccination were allegedly given a fake vaccine without their knowledge, the police said.

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Other individuals who visited the physician to “obtain a vaccination certificate without a COVID-19 vaccination” got it under mutual consent, the authorities noted.

Individuals who knowingly received a fake certificate were under investigation for aiding or abetting the issuance of inaccurate health certificates as well as for violating the country’s infection control act. (Xinhua/NAN


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