Ghanaian community nurses wage war against their executives


Scores of disgruntled community health nurses have expressed anger over what they call a disregard of the constitution by their national executives in the discharge of duties.

According to the nurses, their national executives have squashed the constitution of the Association and have currently adopted for themselves powers that are not provided by the constitution of the Association.

In a statement, the group outlined their concerns as follows:



Illegal and fraudulent deduction of an additional amount of 5.00gh cedis as dues without passing through the due process laid down for such purposes and it subsequent approval by the national delegates congress of the Association which is a breach of article 19 clause (2) of the constitution of the Association.

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Breaching of the constitution of the Association by staying in 0ffice as national executives though their constitutionally mandated period of three (3) years that is from April, 2012 to April, 2015. With this, they have stayed on as national executives for additional sixteen (16) months without the approval of the highest decision making body of the Association supported by article 19 clause (2), which is the national delegates congress. We therefore consider all their activities from May 2015 till date to be unconstitutional.

Non- accountability of dues deducted from the salaries of members since its inception about five (5) years ago as well as the mismanagement of funds by the national chairperson (Madam Esther Bamfo) is unwarranted.

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Unconstitutionally denying the duties of the national treasurer for someone who is not elected to perform the duties of the national treasurer of the Association.


No annual audit report of the Association account as provided by article 33 clause (2).

The refusal of the outdated national executives to organize a national congress to elect new national executives to enhance the smooth running of the activities of the Association.

It is prudent to state that we have not been informed on the decision to withdraw the group from the mother association which is GRNMA as proposed by article 19 clause(2) of the constitution. We wish to state here and now that, such a major decision has not been well thought through and must be rescinded immediately because it has to be widely discussed by the majority of members of the group and be approved by the highest decision making body of the Association which is the national delegates’ congress.

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The aggrieved nurses have therefore given the various stakeholders including the National Labour Commission, the Ghana Health Service as well as the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association a one-week ultimatum, seven (7) days to address the above concerns.

The nurses have threatened to head to the law courts to seek redress if their concerns are not given the necessary attention.


Source:Pulse Nigeria



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