Women beware: One glass of alcoholic drink per day reduces fertility by 18%


Although this may sound incredible to lovers of wine and other alcoholic drinks, but a new study by Danish researchers have validated it that just one large glass of wine a day slashes a woman’s chance of conceiving.

Experts believe that too much alcohol interrupts the female natural cycle and may also damage the egg.

According to the study published in the BMJ and reported on Daily Mail, the researchers noted that women can still drink small amounts when trying for a baby as there is no evidence the odd glass hampers fertility.

The Danish researchers studied 6,120 women from aged 21 to 45 who were trying to conceive, from June 2007 to January 2016.

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They all completed questionnaires on how often they had alcohol and exactly what they drank.

The results showed that women who had at least a 250ml glass a day – equivalent to 14 servings a week – were 18 per cent less likely to conceive over a year.

But women who had slightly less – one to 13 servings – did not experience any reduction in conception chances.

The researchers from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark also found that spirits seemed to have a small effect on fertility.

Women who drank one measure a week were 11 per cent less likely to conceive while those who had two measures reduced their chances by 13 per cent.

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