Good Pharmacy Practice (Quiz of the day)


Which of the options below best completes the statment.

Good pharmacy practice (GPP) guidelines:

A have been established by the International Pharmaceutical
Federation (FIP)
B comply with ISO 9000
C consist of an audit process
D relate to pharmaceutical marketing
E entail field observation studies


  1. The right answer is A, see further explanation below:
    During the FIP Congress in Japan in 1993 the international guidelines for Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) were adopted. A revised version of these guidelines Standards for Quality of Pharmacy Services was endorsed during the 35th meeting of the World Health Organization’s Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations in April 1997 and this was approved by the FIP Congress in Vancouver in 1997.

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  2. A.
    Was worked on by both International Pharmacy Federation and World Health Organization… First in 1993.

  3. A. It was first adopted by the fip in 1993 to be used by national pharmaceutical organisations, governments, and international pharmaceutical organizations to set up nationally accepted standards of Good Pharmacy Practice.
    So the answer is A.


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