Graphology and pharmacy practice


By Macjob Oladipupo

In the last edition, we talked about the importance of the baseline, slant and slope as graphological parameters that give insight into the personality of any individual. We shall continue from there in this edition to talk about a few others.

  1. Size: The size of a handwriting is an indication of how tall the writer feels inside and how much recognition he or she needs. Usually those with large or big handwriting are ego conscious. Generally, the size of the handwriting can be small, medium or large. People who write in small letters tend to be more conservative compared with those who write in large sizes. They are also often intelligent because it takes some degree of concentration and focus to write in small letters. The medium size writer is a balance between the small and the large.
  2. Shape: People whose handwriting have most of the letters in the alphabet appearing sharp or angular tend to be more energetic and aggressive in nature. An example is shown below:
Vermicides and vermifuges: Anthelminthics in pharmacy practice

On the other hand, those whose handwriting appears rather ‘thready’, that is, you can hardly see the ending letters in words they write, could indicate those with ‘quick minds’ and who are a little impatient with slow learners.



  1. Space: The space is one of the most important parameters in a handwriting. It reveals a lot about the individual, depending on whether what is considered is the space within letters, between words or between lines. It gives an insight into the distance the writer seeks to establish between himself and others. You can find out someone who is more of an extrovert or introvert just by carefully analysing the spacing between words. People who write in such a way that the spaces between their words are very tight are often those who need attention, affection and approval of others before they can be in their best elements.
The Pharmacist as a Life-Saver


  1. Margin: In graphological studies, movement to the right of a paper (for example an A4), talks about the future, whereas any movement of the handwriting towards the left gives insight into the past. Depending on the appearance of the handwriting of an individual on paper, we can tell whether or not he feels more comfortable with experiences of the past or prefers to let them go and move forward. Those who write from one end of the page to another without leaving any space at all or giving any considerations to the margin tend to be more hysterical. Such people do not like being given so many rules and regulation that limit their freedom as it were.













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  1. Pressure: This expresses energy and vitality of the personality. Pressure is not an indication of physical strength but the amount of psychic energy the individual expends. Light pressure reveals someone sensitive emotionally. Heavy pressure reveals someone dominating, materialistic, and extremely heavy pressure shows signs of frustration and anger. One way of determining the pressure in a handwriting sample is to get the original sample and palpate or feel the back of the handwriting page with your hands.












In the next edition, we shall discuss a little about the trait stroke method of graphology to see what to look out for in a handwriting sample and what it reveals about the personality of the individual. You can’t afford to miss it. Remember that “every stroke of the pen reveals something about a friend”.

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