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Macjob Oladipupo

Macjob Oladipupo is a pharmacist, body language expert, and handwriting/statement analyst. An indigene of Ogun State, he had his secondary education at Federal Government College, Odogbolu, Ogun State before obtaining a B.Pharm degree from University of Ibadan. In this interview with Adebayo Folorunsho-Francis, the language expert reveals how health care practitioners can benefit from body language skills, statement analysis and graphology, as well as why he thinks pharmacy schools should inculcate body language into the curriculum.

Tell us about your work experience

I had my internship at the Neuropsychiatry Hospital, Aro Abeokuta and later served at Specialist Hospital, Bauchi. My official work experience started at JB Pharmaceuticals where I was a medical representative. I later left there for Assene Nigeria Limited, before moving to Novartis Pharmaceuticals, where I eventually resigned as brand manager (Cardio Metabolic Portfolio) for English West Africa. Presently, I am the CEO of Macdiptoy Consulting Limited.

What is the relevance of body language in the health sector?

Body language skill set is relevant to everyone and anyone that agrees to the fact that there is no vaccination against deception. It serves as a conduit in boosting confidence, credibility and career for all and sundry. This is key because at any interview, no one is capable of seeing your heart but your act. Therefore, much more than what you say before prospective employers, how you say what you say is very crucial. Body language skills fine-tune the presentation of the information you deploy on any auspicious occasion.

One cardinal aspect of body language is statement analysis. This is the process of analysing the statement of a friend, family, foe or business associate for deception traces, either in verbal or written statements. The benefit of this to all kinds of relationships and businesses is tremendous. Graphology and body language analysis aids better performance of medical representatives in projecting confidence and credibility before customers which is a valuable skill in closing any sale. This applies to old and new medical reps. It allows first line managers to better understand how to rightly influence their team members and, thus, ultimately helping to meet or exceed the common objective of the organisation.

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Another aspect of body language which is especially relevant to first line managers, HR managers or recruitment officers is handwriting analysis (graphology). Clients learn how to assess and interpret basic personality traits of anyone from a handwriting sample for the purpose of: personality profiling of individuals (e.g prospective employees or in house members of staff); vocational/career guidance/career growth and planning – which is very important in any organisation especially in the health sector; as well as team building and team bonding, especially for first line managers and direct reports. It aids good delegation processes from managers to subordinates.

As a pharmacist, why did you take special interest in body language as a professional service?

Well, I stumbled across a book on it about seven years ago and I began a research on it. After watching a movie titled “Lie to Me”, my desire to get some kind of formal education in the field increased. I discovered early enough that I had good perceptive skills, which really helped me while I was a medical representative and brand manager at Novartis Pharmaceuticals. So, I got certified in the Body Language Institute, United States of America, as the first Nigerian instructor in 2013. I also became a certified member of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF). Ever since, the experience has been fulfilling.

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 Some people complain about doctors’ handwriting. As a graphology expert, what is your view?

I assume that you are referring to the legibility of doctor’s handwriting even though they aren’t the only professionals with handwriting that might be difficult to read.

Generally, handwriting reveals the emotional, intellectual and psychological state of anyone at a particular point in time. These qualities, as it were, can be decoded by certain parameters in graphology. A good example, very pertinent to doctors on the average, is the speed of a handwriting sample.

One main characteristic of handwriting with speed is that it does not appear too legible hence difficult to read, particularly if it is in cursive style. However, it is a reflection of the speed of thought of the individual and since the average doctor can be said to be above mediocrity in I.Q, this parameter is a good indicator of someone capable of processing thoughts at a relatively fast rate which shows some good level of intelligence.

Frauds are reported daily in retail pharmacies, hospitals and companies. Can getting acquainted with body language prevent such occurrences?

Yes, it can serve as a mitigation strategy. Currently, our organisation is planning a training package for all community pharmacists during which basic deception detection skills can be learnt with a view to reducing the problem of pilfering to the barest minimum in community pharmacies. This training is also useful to other organisations as well.

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Is Nigeria really ripe for innovative measures like body language and graphology?

Yes, I believe the time is ripe now. Most of the Western countries have been using these skills for decades. For example, in France, about 85 per cent of all companies apply graphology as part of their recruitment processes.

Do we have any statistics of practitioners of body language in Nigeria?

Well, the last time I checked, I was still the only certified body language expert from the Body Language Institute in the USA. One of my dreams is to get this training package into the pharmacy school curriculum and business academies where the benefits can be taught to all those who enrol for different courses, perhaps on management and leadership.

With the busy schedule of top executives, how can they manage body language effectively?

It is nothing difficult. It only takes acquiring the necessary skills to be effective and efficient which is one of the things we specialise in at Macdiptoy Consulting Limited.

 How can you be reached for trainings or other professional engagements?

You can contact us through our emails or phone numbers as listed below: or or call 08185346336 or 08039308226. Our website address is



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