Group sensitises villagers on malaria


In order to curb the menace of malaria in the rural areas, Women for Peace (WP), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), is currently visiting villages in the FCT, educating them on how to shield their environments from mosquitoes, the main cause of the disease.

The NGO visited Anagada, Giri, Kabusa, Sheda and Yangozhirecently, and held 45-minute sentitisation sessions with the people of each village, especially women.

Mosquito nets, insecticides, soaps, broom, cutlasses and drugs were shared in each of the villages.

Speaking to Pharmanews, the scribe of the NGO, Rebecca Madami said, “Malaria is a deadly disease.”

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She said: “Because of the bushes that edge many villages, it is very prevalent there, yet they don’t know how to prevent its attack. Everybody knows that it is caused by mosquitoes, so the best way of stoping it is through shielding our environments from mosquitoes.”

“So, we are here to sensitise people on how to keep their homes away from mosquitoes. We have taught them how to clean and ensure that their houses are always neat, so that mosquitoes cannot come in; we taught them how to dispose sewages, cut the bushes around their houses and other measures. We also brought materials which we shared to them.”


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