How Eating French Fries Increases Your Risk of Death-Study Finds


Eating of fried potatoes frequently has been linked to the risk of death, a new study has found. The research which analyzed the eating habits of 4,440 people aged 45-79 for eight years, found that  236 participants died by the end of the eight-year follow up period.

It was reported that the questionnaire asked if the participant had eaten fried and unfried potatoes less than once per month, two to three times per month, once a week, twice a week or more than three times per week.


The study published on DailyMailOnline has it that the although the  research, did not prove that eating fried potatoes kills people,  it however  showed that people who died during the study were more likely to eat fried potatoes more regularly.

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Although the researchers didn't find a link between people who ate unfried potatoes and death, but they did found a link between the frequent consumption of fried potatoes and increased risk of death.

Dietitians suggest that the people who died at the end of the study period didn't just die from eating french fries alone, but that they also ate poorly in general. They recommended healthier option to fried potatoes are homemade oven roasted potatoes.

According to Dietitian Jessica Cording: ‘Fried potatoes are a food that provides a lot of calories, sodium, and sometimes trans fat, but contributes minimal nutrition.'They don’t actively do the body many favours in that respect.”

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She also said that other factors could have affected the results, such as how many fried potatoes a person has and what else they eat.

For example, eating just a few fries along with a salad with lean protein will lead to different health effects compared to eating a large portion of fries with, for example, a cheeseburger, says Cording.






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