How Long You’ll Live Depends on How Satisfying Your Sexual Life is -Sociologist


A Sociologist, Prof. Onipede Wusu, says sexual and reproductive wellbeing are critical to health and life expectancy rate in any society.

Wusu, of the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Lagos State University, Ojo, made the call while delivering the institution’s 77th inaugural lecture on Tuesday in Lagos.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the theme of the lecture was: “Gifts of Nature: The Soft Underbelly of Wellbeing in Society”.

He called on Nigerians to embrace honest planning for their sexual and reproductive gifts toward self-progress and family’s advancement.

How Long You’ll Live Depends on How Satisfying Your Sexual Life is -Sociologist
How Long You’ll Live Depends on How Satisfying Your Sexual Life is -Sociologist

“The contribution of sexual and reproductive health to the physical, economic, social and mental health in a society is a significant one.

“The United Nations Fund for Population Activities considered sexual and mental wellbeing in all matters relating to the reproductive system.

“For members of society to be sexually healthy, they are expected to experience a satisfying sexual life void of exposure to Sexually Transmitted Infections or unwanted pregnancy.

“Thus, healthy sexual and reproductive life is pivotal to the general well-being of members of society,” Wusu said.

He said that God endowed man and woman with the privilege to enjoy natural sex in line with the overall purpose of procreation.

“Sex is a universal phenomenon; it is the implicit and explicit core of everyday life in every human society.

“Very often, men and women demonstrate that sex and reproduction are key components of life in the society.

“Sex and reproduction, as gifts of nature, have critical biological elements.

“Both men and women are more frequently engaged by this biological element of their lives, either actively or passively,” the expert said.

He said the way sexuality was expressed determines the speed of reproduction and that the relationship has grave consequences for society.

“Social structures and institutions provide the mechanism through which individuals’ sexual desires and behaviours are kept in an acceptable zone and aligned to the general social good.

“Although the biology of sex and reproduction varies from one person to the other, the social norms and values devoted to sexuality and reproduction shape it to societal expectations,” Wusu said.

He added that mass media stands as a critical shaping factor of behaviour in modern times.

According to him, frequent exposure to print, home video, and the internet, promoted sexual activities among females. 




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