Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, were Parts of My COVID-19 Regimen- Okupe


A survivor of the novel Coronavirus, and a former Senior Special Assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, on Public Affairs, Dr Doyin Okupe, has narrated his treatment regimen to news men listing hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, zinc sulfate and vitamin c, as some of the medicines used for his treatment while in at the isolation centre.

Okupe, who stated that there is no universal medical agreement on specific treatment regimen for COVID-19, noted that most of the medicines used worldwide have no scientific validity.

Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, were Parts of my COVID-19 Regimen- Okupe
Dr Doyin Okupe

The former spokesman to the ex-president, who had a medical background, in a statement he titled: “The medications I took for my COVID-19 virus infections”, said he commenced his treatment with the hydroxychloroquine regime 4 days to isolation centre.

He narrated: “I commenced my treatment with the hydroxychloroquine regime 4 days to my isolation. This was because I read extensively on various options of treatment for COVID-19 and I follow the global debate on its pros & cons of the treatment.

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“With my medical background and local consultation with colleagues, I already made up my mind that the chloroquine regime was so far the most promising. I ordered for the drugs just in case someone close or even I should unfortunately pick up the virus.

Okupe listed his treatment regimen at the isolation centre as follows: “hydroxychloroquine, 400mg daily for 2days,, there after 400mg daily for 3days, 500mg daily for 10 days. Zinc sulphate 100mg daily till today and vitamin C 1200 mg daily till now.

“I also took copious amount of ginger, garlic, tumeric and lemon. In kaduna I am told that they add dongoyaro leaves to the above mixture and drink liberally”, he explained.

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He added that he had malaria and cough while on admission, but it was effectively treated with an antimalarial, and a fairly large dose of Augmentin for 7 days, respectively.

Dr Okupe however cautioned people with heart related conditions to be careful with the use of hydroxychloroquine, saying they need to consult with their doctors before taking it.

“I must warn here that if you have cardiac arrhythmias, you will need to consult your physician before you take hydroxychloroquine. I did, so I was advised to use 200mg twice daily instead of 400mg twice daily for 2days”, he stated.

He further mentioned  early detection as  a means of easily trapping the virus saying: “It is known that when the virus first gain access to the body it stays in the nasal cavity and the throat for 2 to 3days. In this position the virus itself is vulnerable. It does naturally in temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius. If at this stage you can consume large quantities of hot water with lemon  you can abort the attack.

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“However the scientific truth we know about treatment for viral infection is that ultimately what eventually works is the innate capability of the immune system of individual patients. It is the immunity level that eventually decide the course of the infection in each individual. That is why age and  existing comobidity factors are crucial to survival and wellbeing.

“Hence for those who are not sick, you should ingest immune boosting drugs and preparations like zinc sulphate, Immunace, Reload and similar immunity enhancing drugs” he explained.




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