I Will Make Pharmacists More Valued, Highly Motivated – Ayuba



Pharm. Tanko Ayuba

Pharm. Tanko Ayuba is one of the contenders for the presidency of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN). A passionate visionary who values hard work and excellence, he bares his mind on his achievements at the PSN Kaduna Chapter and his lofty plans for the pharmacy family in Nigeria, in this exclusive interview with PATRICK IWELUNMOR.

What is your vision for the PSN and how do you intend to actualise it?

My vision is for PSN to be recognised as a society whose members are valued, well-paid, well-organised, highly motivated and accessible healthcare professionals, responsible for the provision and rational use of safe, effective and affordable medicines, pharmaceutical care and the promotion of public health and quality of life.

To what extent are you prepared to mount the saddle of PSN leadership?

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I have deliberately prepared myself to be the president of PSN from graduation. That was why I joined the Kaduna State PSN executive committee, as a young pharmacist in the early 90s. I held different positions and rose to become the PSN chairman.  I then moved up to become the first deputy president and unofficial member of NEC.

Having gained valuable experience in PSN leadership over the years, I felt I was ripe for the position of president and made an attempt to contest in 2015. My ambition faced stiff oppositions, the strongest being the fact that I was under employment and would not have the time to perform effectively. I was disqualified for a flimsy reason but I took it in good faith. I did not make any attempt in 2018 because I was still working. I waited for the right time and 2021 is the right time because I am now retired and I have all the time I need to dedicate to the PSN presidency.

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What contributions have you made to the pharmacy profession in Nigeria?

My contributions to the pharmacy profession in Nigeria have been detailed in my profile and CV and are too numerous to mention here. However I will mention a few, which include: Kaduna State PSN chairman, deputy president, and unofficial member of NEC, desk officer and councillor of the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association.

I represented PSN to form the Assembly of Healthcare Professionals. I was project director, PSN PACFaH; chairman, PSN Trade Union Committee; chairman, and now advisor, PSN Abuja Liaison Office Building Committee; chairman, PSN Ad-Hoc Committee on Presidential Committee on Harmony in Health Sector (2010); rapporteur/participant, PSN Pharmacists Summit (2012); member, panel of judges; member, Group Dynamics Session at PSN National Conference (2008); and member, Electoral Committee of PSN National Conference  (2006).

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How would you describe the performance of the out-going president?

The out-going President has given his time and energy to the job and achieved a lot but the job of a PSN President is a continuous one and I intend to consolidate on his achievements, continue where he stopped and move on.


Your advice to voters during the election

The PSN needs someone with vision, mission, goals and objectives, knowledge, experience in leadership and track records of achievements to lead it now. Someone who is highly connected politically and socially. Pharmacists should, therefore, support Pharmacist Ibrahim Tanko Ayuba (FPSN) to be the next PSN president.


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