Maintaining a Balance


I’ve learnt that you can’t have everything and do everything at the same time. – Oprah Winfrey

One true definition of failure is succeeding in one thing and failing in other vital areas. Maintaining a balance is the ability of the individual to balance his official responsibilities, social necessities, with personal commitments and family obligations. The ability of the individual to fuse all these necessities together and still maintain equilibrium that none of the aspects suffers makes such individual a successful person.

Real success is measured by your ability to find a balance in all you do. I see Intelligence as the knack to know a little bit of everything. You can’t be a genius in one area of your life only and expect to be seen as a success. You need to know a little bit of other relevant things. You can’t make a first class grade at the university by passing only one course . You must have excellent grades in all the subjects you enrolled in. Your cumulative score is considered before awarding you a first class position.

This is the way most other areas of our lives are appraised. You are expected to display excellent performance in other relevant spheres of your life.

Philosophy teaches that if we believe we exist, we should believe others exist too. Our spiritual life, good health, families, friends and other aspects of our lives exist also. Other areas of our lives matter and the ability to consider this as we live our everyday life will make us better individuals.

17th Law: Some Doors Are Walls, Some Walls Are Doors


Brian Tracy- endorsed speaker and training consultant
George O. Emetuche

Man has many facets

We are required to function well in all aspects of our lives in order to become better individuals. We need to be in constant touch with our Creator, who is our source of inspiration. We are expected to be good family people, and at the same time maintain cordial relationships with our friends.

It is also our duty to ensure good health habits and body fitness, even as we strive to maintain prominence in our career and life. This is how to maintain a balance.

Man is a connector, a communicator and a communal being. He cannot live alone in his      environment and be happy; he needs others to be a better person. You will naturally feel happy and perform better when you are able to attend to other departments of your life without any area being unattended to.

Explore the God factor

The way we go out as sales professionals to follow up prospects or customers, make sales or re-sale is also the way we are expected to allot time for our spiritual growth. It is when we begin to do this that we will have great success.

You Motivate or Demotivate Yourself

It is not enough to run around like a busy bee without recognising the need to make out time to develop your spiritual wellbeing, which is your source of inspiration. It is ideal way to show gratitude especially to the One Who gives. When we make out time to thank and recognise our Creator, then we are positioning ourselves to do greater things.

I have been in the sales world for over two decades. I have also had a lot of challenges and experiences within this period, and I know that those tough situations were surmounted each time I communed with God.

I have been able to overcome many life challenges because of my faith. This is why I am sharing it in this write-up. I want you to connect with God, Who blesses the works of our hands. He blesses all aspects of your life when you are in tune with Him.

The productive sales professional maintains a balance

As you move around daily in your sales activities, take a decision today to do things differently. Try to win in every aspects of your life. Set targets for yourself in all aspects of your life and do your best to achieve them. You should set targets in your spiritual life, family life, professional life, social life, your health, your finances and vital areas in your life. Don’t be driven by sales target alone. Work hard to win in other vital areas too.

Working Hard is Never Old School

Living a life of balance is possible if you decide to achieve it. It takes self-discipline, and a sense of mission. It requires that you define your vision from the beginning and determine the ways to achieve it. The good news is that everything is possible. Choose the right path. Do the right things. Maintain a balance today.


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