Management of Glaucoma (Quiz of the day)


All the following products used in the treatment of glaucoma are applied
topically EXCEPT:

A Xalatan
B Diamox
C Trusopt
D Timoptol
E Betoptic

Write your answers in the comment section below:

NOTE PLS: The winner will be rewarded with a gift card.Kindly drop your email/Whatsapp contact, after answering the question, in order to reach you, if you happen to be the winner for the day. Good luck to you.


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  2. And the winner for our Wednesday PANS Quiz of the day is…? Actually, we had three winners, but the gift goes to Osundele Victor, because he was the first to answer CORRECTLY. Check detail answer to the question below:
    Diamox contains acetazolamide, which is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor administered orally or by
    the parenteral route. Xalatan contains latanoprost, a prostaglandin analogue, and Trusopt contains
    dorzolamide, a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. Timoptol and Betoptic both consist of beta-blockers
    containing timolol and betaxolol respectively.

  3. Diamox is the trade name for Acetazolamide which is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor used for treating glaucoma but is usually available in tablet and capsule forms but not used topically while others are used topically as eye drops. So, the correct answer is option (B)- Diamox.

  4. D- Timoptol. All the products above are anti glaucoma agent except timoptol. Also it is timoptic that is an anti glaucoma agent not timoptol. Thanks


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