Manufacturing technology sores into satellites!


By Pharm. Kabiru Gulma   ——-

Technology is fast moving at the speed of light. While we may think technology only brings light in areas of use of computer and automated productions among others, readers of this article will be left agape on the new dimension technology is going. Drug manufacturing technology will venture into a future of tracking manufacturing machines and batch numbers of drugs irrespective of the location. This fictitious but true application of the newly born baby of 21st century technology gives us a true picture of how technology will regulate pharmaceutical manufacturing across the entire globe.

The story will be no better than that of GoN task force, a special crew formulated by the Federal Republic of Nigeria believes that one man code-named Bucta is a drug merchant extremist. Bucta is planning to wage a war against the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) after his failure to secure an approval for the production of an anti-flu pill. The Agency found out during clinical trial of the pill: Flu-K1, it causes intense inflammation of the lungs and severe tightening of the airways leading to respiratory paralysis.

NAFDAC is once again reprising its role as the GoN task force to trace Bucta and destroy his evil company. However Bucta is on a self-exile to South Africa where he thinks his business would flourish in the absence of NAFDAC. Unknown to him, the news of the result of clinical trials has widely circulated in Africa.

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But for Bucta to be operating business secretly in S/Africa, the country believes that it is an act of cold war between Nigeria and S/Africa. As far as the S/Africans are concerned, Nigeria just sponsored him in order to perform a cold genocide in order for Nigeria to remain the Giant of Africa.

Bucta’s company is somewhat magical, having successfully allied with his colleague who is in an underground secret location in S/Africa, it makes it difficult for him to be traced and stopped. The GoN task force has inaugurated three secret agents to fly to S/Africa and abort this fatal mission.

Unknown to Bucta, the manufacturing company of his machines in China revealed to the GoN task force that the machines he purchased can be detected through satellite. As one of the few produced by that company, they desire to track the routes of all their products across the globe. Moreover, the S/African forces against the infiltration of this pill (whose name might have changed from what it is known in Nigeria) have as well used their intelligent analysts to make that kind of guess to make a trip to China and find out perhaps Bucta bought the machines in his own name.

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However, the co-worker of Bucta has that knowledge and now both of them constitute the havoc which both Nigeria and S/Africa regard as ‘rogue medicine terrorism’. Now either Bucta or his associate would be en route to China and destroy the identity of their device.



While all the three parties (GoN task force, S/African intelligent analysts and Bucta & his associates) arrived China at the same time independently and unknown to each other, Bucta tried to impersonate a member of the GoN task force and use that opportunity to gain access to his information and destroy it.

Bucta had planned to do everything possible to destroy any information that would lead to tracing his machine. In that process, his associate who was a gangster leader had arranged with other terrorists in China to detonate the central server of the company after Bucta having disguised as a Nigerian task force member is able to successfully deceive them to take him round their plant.

In about 2hrs after his visit, the server room went into flames and now, the war is too sided- Nigeria versus S/Africa and Nigeria versus China.

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Having successfully finished his operation in China, the real GoN task force arrived and where arrested for the bombing until the Nigerian embassy in China testified their identities. China now shared with the GoN task force all the information necessary and how they could track Bucta’s company location in S/Africa and both of them- China & the task force where on the move to arrest Bucta before he leaves China.

In that process, the S/African intelligent analysts successfully waded in and learnt of the criminal acts going on. In less than 36hrs, Bucta got arrested not even in China but at the San Francisco Bay in the US by the two allying forces. He was deported and tried in China, the act which proved to the S/Africans that Nigeria was actually not behind the planned mass proliferation of the killer drugs in S/Africa, and also absolves the GoN task force as the bomber of the multimillion drug machines manufacturing firm.

Bucta’s machines got shut down via the satellite and he got a sentence for intended genocide, impersonation and terrorism against humanity.


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