Medical Doctors Warn Women Against Putting Tobacco in Their Vaginas


Medical doctors have recently come out to notify women against the danger of putting tobacco in their vaginas, a very popular trend in West Africa due to misleading beliefs that it can boost sex drive, shrink the vagina and also and make one fertile.

However medical professionals have debunked the new trend false claims and said that it can cause severe health conditions.

Doctors have told those wanting to use the product ‘vaginal tobacco' that it could cause serious medical conditions like cancer, stillbirth and problems with the menstrual cycle.

Women are using the tobacco-style substance in the belief that it ‘shrinks their genitals', can ‘increase sexual pleasure' and ‘raises the odds of getting pregnant'.

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Medical Doctors Warn Women against Putting Tobacco in Their Vaginas
Medical Doctors Warn Women against Putting Tobacco in Their Vaginas

The practice is mostly common in West African countries, where sachets of the ‘miracle' product is sold for cheap prices..

The tobacco is made from the roots of the ‘tangora' tree or native plants such as ‘kankouran mano' or ‘koundinding', and is sold under code names like Jumbo or Secret in so many streets.

Gynaecologist Dr Abdoulaye Diop told Sun UK vaginal tobacco only gives women the feeling their genitals are decreasing in size, but it is not actually the reality.

‘This feeling is transient and misleading, because the vaginal mucosa that is attacked will eventually develop changes that are the gateway to cancer,'

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These products often create ulcers which, by scarring, shrink the vagina, make it hard and can go so far as to close it completely, Diop added.

Another doctor, Professor Pascal Foumane said tobacco powder can cause ulcers which will eventually scar, shrink the vagina, before making it ‘close up.'

He even said that tobacco powder has the potential to make the usual flow of menstruation ‘impossible.'

Female users have reported burning sensations after application, sometimes followed by vomiting and even loss of consciousness in severe reactions.

It's not just tobacco women have been warned against putting products inside their vaginas, doctors have also confirmed women also put ice lollies and candys inside their most intimate areas during the heatwave which is also not good.


“There are many things that should never go near a vagina and ice lollies are up there,” a doctor was quoted as saying in journal Metro.




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