Medication and Religious Deception


God is capable of healing wounds. He is, in fact, the only Physician that can cure any disease condition without doubt. Doctors and other healthcare givers understand this and would always ascribe ultimate glory to Him, even though medicine plays a major role in the healing and curative process. Unfortunately, even healing and divine intervention for the sick and wounded have been commercialised, especially in Africa, where a greater chunk of the population is grappling with socio-economic problems created by bad leadership.

Today, people die because of their die-hard attachment to religious beliefs that often only reflect the height of ignorance. For instance, how could someone allow himself to be brainwashed to the extent of believing that olive oil is a substitute for medication? People with terminal diseases have died while depending on their cleric’s prescription out of ignorance or perhaps sheer stupidity.

Mr Patrick Iwelummor

People must begin to realise the fact that medication in itself is a part of God’s creation to cure disease conditions, while prayer plays its complementary role. On no account must anyone be bamboozled to think that prayer alone is enough to cure every ailment when God Himself has provided medication through scientific inspiration. It is erroneous to think that most of the things we enjoy in creation are not from God. The aircraft, the Internet, the military hardware and all other forms of technological and scientific inventions are God’s creation through man to ease the problems of the world.

The Snare of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Any religious orientation that forbids medication does not deeply understand the way God works. God has given us the herbs and plants, from which many of our drugs are produced, for tackling sickness and disease. As science and technology make these herbs and plants a notch better for us to consume – through tablets, capsules and injections – we should thank God for making such advancements possible.

We will begin to understand the entire essence of creation better when we realise that there is actually nothing like the creation of man under the sun. Everything man creates for good is inspired by God for the advancement of humanity. For instance, we can all imagine how tedious international travel would have been without the invention of the giant aircraft.

And while not undermining the role prayer plays in our lives and particularly in the healing or curative process, it is necessary to state that it should not take the place of medication, especially when dealing with life-threatening conditions that require emergency care. There have been instances of deaths that could have been averted in an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) rather than at a religious centre, or by sprinkling prayer water or oil on the patient.

Erectile Dysfunction and the Reign of Charlatans

One thing we must understand is that even those men and women of God whom we idolise also take medication but would not want to tell us the truth. They believe that telling us about their medical experiences may hamper our faith in their divine abilities. It is a particularly sad scenario here in Africa where religion has been greatly bastardised for personal gain. Most clergymen in Africa carry themselves as God and so, would prefer their followers’ trust to be in them and not in God. No wonder Karl Marx describes religion as an opium of the masses – an instrument for indoctrination.

Most of the demons that torment us in Africa are economic problems created by our selfish leaders. Even if we pray from now till eternity, power supply will only improve when our leaders stop embezzling monies meant for the power sector. Poverty and lack will never leave homes and streets until our leaders prioritise the delivery of good governance and the prudent management of our human and material resources. Prayer does not solve such problems; only the right choices and actions do.

Migration and Mental Health

While not ruling out the possibility of miracles through prayer in the healing or curing of serious medical conditions, we must be wary of the widespread deception that has infiltrated our religious circles. Many clerics are today selling bottled water, oil, soaps and all sorts of concoctions, claiming they can cure different types of ailments. Unfortunately, while they smile to the bank, their victims are sent to their early graves.

When you are confronted with any sickness that threatens your life or that of a close relation, seek medical help and while doing so, commit everything into God’s hands. Sickness is a normal part of life and it helps us appreciate God’s provisions for treatment. However, we must not be brainwashed to believe that prayer is the only way out. Prayer is good but it must not replace medication when dealing with ill-health.


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