Nevin Urges Pharmacists to Embrace Blockchain Technology in Anti-counterfeiting War


If Nigerian pharmacists are seriously contemplating an effective means to curb the growing incidence of drug counterfeiting, they must embrace Blockchain technology.

This was the candid assertion of Andrew Nevin, chief economist, Price Water Corporation (PWC) Nigeria.

Addressing participants during the opening ceremony of the 90th Annual Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) Conference held at International Conference Centre, Umuahia, Abia State on November 7, 2017, Nevin charged pharmacists to wake up to their responsibility.

Chief economist, Price Water Corporation (PWC) Nigeria.
Andrew Nevin


While harping on the theme, “Medicine Availability and National Security,” the keynote speaker noted that what he finds baffling is the fact that those behind drugs counterfeiting are educated brains who, in most cases, attended the best schools in the world.

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“Sometimes I wonder how an educated person would conceive thoughts of creating counterfeit drugs knowing that it will kill a number of people. It is baffling! We need to work hard to eradicate it.

“Unfortunately, it has been established that 25 per cent death in Sub-Saharan Africa was as a result of counterfeiting. Pharmacists must guard against such development. This is why I proffer Blockchain technology,” he stressed.




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