Nigeria needs 140 radiotherapy machines to fight cancer- Health Minister


The minister of health, Professor Isaac Adewole has said that except there is an immediate increase in the number of available radiotherapy machines in the country, there might be no end in sight to the rising cancer profile in Nigeria.

Adewole who disclosed this during his visit to LUTH, categorically stated that Nigeria needs about 140 radiotherapy machines to address rising cancer cases in the country.

He said only two out of the available seven in the country are functional which are being overstretching for the treatments of 2million cancer patients.

The Minister who urged Nigerians to improve on their lifestyle said 40per cent of cancer cases can be prevented while 40percent are also curable if detected early.

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He said late detection of cancer is death even when patients travel abroad for help adding that this why awareness is key to prevent the scourge.

The Minister, who also  ordered free treatments for indigent patients at the hospital, said  until the system put in place an insurance scheme or some form of social health scheme, everyone cannot be taken care of but, only the poor can enjoy such free treatment.

He said “We can also not deny poor Nigerians quality treatment because they have no money. Those who are poor should enjoy our services. We are pleading to Nigerians to be genuine and truthful because we cannot take care of everybody for now, the free treatment is for the poor alone.”

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