Nwankwo Appreciates PCN’s Recognition, Calls for Stiffer Enforcement





Pharm Bruno Nwankwo

A former Chairman of Council of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) Pharm. Bruno Nwankwo, has expressed profound gratitude to the PCN for its special recognition of his service to the profession by naming  its South East Zonal Office Hall after him. The ceremony took place in Enugu State recently.

He has also urged the incumbent leadership of the Council to keep the flag flying by sustaining the noble legacies left by previous leaders, while initiating new ideas to improve enforcement of regulations of the profession, especially in the days of illicit drugs distribution and substance abuse.

 Nwankwo Appreciates PCN’s Recognition, Calls for Stiffer Enforcement
L-R: Pharm Bruno Nwankwo, former PCN chairman; Prof. Tijani Mora, PCN chairman and Dr NAE Mohammed, registrar, PCN at the occasion.

The erstwhile chairman of PCN further emphasised the importance of setting records straight, saying both the registrar and chairman of the regulatory body should not shy away from making corrections where and when it is needed, as life is a continuum, which will never stop with a generation.

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In an interview with Pharmanewsonline, Nwankwo charged the PCN to improve on enforcement by effectively regulating everyone who is associated with drugs distribution and Pharmacy practice, in order to rid the nation of illegal drugs circulation and other related problems.

Asked about his remarks on his recognition by the PCN, he said: “I’m grateful for the recognition of my meritorious service to the profession, for having served and being appreciated. Actually many people have served in various capacities and after they have left, their names disappeared. So, I’m happy to find myself in a position where people say he has done well and needs to be remembered. It is something for which no amount of gratitude is enough”.

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He went ahead to offer his elderly counsel to the leadership of PCN thus: “They should continue to build on whatever good their predecessors have left. Life is a continuum, it never stops. To treat the position as if it starts and ends with one generation is a miscalculation. They should not rest on their oars, they should check what has happened that need to be continued and whatever was done that needs correction should be corrected in other for perfection to be attained.

“I will say PCN should continue with an ongoing programme, because the enforcement is one that has been highlighted by the PCN over a period of time. A more successful enforcement programme will improve the quality of practice. The regulations are already there, the expectations for practice are already there. All we need is to get it to happen, which falls on the plate of enforcement.

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“I’m aware PCN is developing and strengthening the enforcement department and encouraging them to go out to ensure that pharmacies, vendors, and everyone who is associated with drug distribution and Pharmacy practice are doing it as required”.




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