PCN Urges Stakeholders to Embrace Patient-Centred Pharmacy Practice Model

PCN Registrar, Pharm.(Dr) Elijah Mohammed

The Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) has implored pharmacists in the country and other stakeholders in the healthcare sector to embrace patient-centred pharmacy practice model, saying it offers more benefits to Nigerians.

PCN Registrar, Pharm.(Dr) Elijah Mohammed made the remarks at the official commissioning of the new PCN Lagos Zonal Office building, adding that patient-centred pharmacy practice will help to improve healthcare delivery because patients will benefit more from the knowledge and clinical care of pharmacists.

He noted that pharmacy has always had two main components – product-centred and patient-centered practice, stressing that the reason some people have misconceptions about patient-centered pharmacy practice was that Nigerian pharmacists have over the years focused more on product-centered practice.

He said, “Pharmacists are moving to patient-centred practice not just because it is the global best practice but also because the patient will benefit more from it.

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“It is this shift in emphasis from product to patient that is causing some misunderstanding. Some people are thinking that the focus of pharmacists on patient-centred practice could lead to pharmacists taking their job. However, that is not correct and it is not the intention of pharmacists.

“The fact is that the pharmacy profession has two major practice components. It has the product component and also the patient component.

“Over the years, Nigerian pharmacists have focused more on the product. They are, however, now also emphasizing the patient as the centerpiece of pharmacy care.

“We are now looking more at the impact of the drug on the patient. This is necessary because it will help to help to maximise drug therapy in the patient.

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“It will be beneficial to patients and other healthcare practitioners. The nation will also benefit from the expanded role and knowledge of pharmacists because there will be an improvement in healthcare delivery because of it. It will also promote the inter-professional relationship in the health sector.”

The registrar speaking further commended the Chairman, Senate Committee on Health, Dr Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe for his support for the PCN building project, noting that his support is proof that the health sector needs collaboration across the professional divide to grow.

“Senator Oloriegbe is a medical doctor in the senate but he championed the construction of the PCN building which is for pharmacists. That shows the benefit of good relationships among health professionals.

“He has been helping to promote inter-professional relationships since he became the chairman of the Senate committee on health,” he said.

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The Chairman of the Governing Council of the PCN, Prof. Ahmed Tijani Mora said the need for industrial harmony in the health sector cannot be overemphasised, noting that all professionals in the health sector need to understand each other better.

“We need to understand ourselves better and each professional must know its responsibilities and limits while also realising that healthcare delivery is very dynamic in terms of practice.

“As professionals, we must be ready to accept the things going on in other climes that are of benefit to the patient.

“The Federal Government recently approved the consultant pharmacist cadre and we expect that the other members of the health team will support this approval and its implementation because it will be beneficial to patients,” Mora said.


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