Pharmacist harps on proper use of drugs to avoid renal failure


(By Gracia Obi)

The Executive Director of Tehila Medi-Care, Mr. Darlington Ani, has advised people to always look out for pharmaceutical guide on the use of drugs, to avoid renal failure.

Ani, who gave the advice in an interview with Pharmanews in Abuja, said that the inappropriate use of drugs could lead to health complications in the renal system.

According to him, renal failure is the inability of the kidneys to remove waste products from the blood, as a result of wrong use of drugs.

He, therefore, advised people to seek pharmaceutical guide on the proper ways to take their drugs, to guard against renal damage.

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“The citizens need to know that there are people trained on how to manufacture these drugs and know the dangers of using these drugs inappropriately,” he said.

“The best for us, as citizens of this nation, is whenever you have a need to use drugs don’t just jump on it, pick a drug from anywhere and begin to take it.

“Look for a person that is trained; that is why we are called community pharmacists, because we are there in the communities, not just to sell the drugs but to counsel people properly”.

He linked multiplicity of kidney related issues in the country to drug toxicity.

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“People use drugs the way they ought not to. The kidney is one of the roots of excretion of drugs; so when you use these drugs inappropriately, the kidney as a machine, you will work it up, you will work it down.

“That is why we are having this multiplicity of cases; kidney failures here and there, a lot of people are using drugs inappropriately.

“But when you meet trained health care providers, like the pharmacists, who are trained on the drugs…  I am advising the citizens; please look out for pharmacists whenever you need to use drugs, because they are the ones that will advise you appropriately”.

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