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One major aspect of Body Language, also known as non-verbal communication, is the handwriting. The uniqueness of a handwriting sample is what makes it a useful tool for graphologists in personality assessment. As a matter of fact, handwriting analysis is about the fastest way of discovering someone’s true personality at a glance, before making an informed decision.

The importance of the handwriting cannot be over-emphasised because no two handwritings are the same. Just as the thumbprint or the DNA is unique to anyone, the handwriting of two individuals would always carry along with it the peculiarities of each of them.

 Who you are on paper

Prof. Ben Ezeogwu defined handwriting as a “graphically frozen human thought”. And because every thought precedes an action – so much so that the writing impulses which are generated in the brain travel down the nerves to the muscles of the fingers before they are crystallised on paper – then it is safe to say that you are what you write.

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Temper and tempo

For a while now, I have been following closely the presidential campaign in United States of America and recently I took some time out to examine the handwriting samples of the key players in the elections – Donald Trump (for the Republican Party) and Hilary Clinton (for the Democratic Party). Let’s look at the samples.

The above is the handwriting sample of Donald Trump. The pattern of the ‘t’ bars in this piece reveals someone with a big dream; however, when the ‘t’ bar is crossed above the stem, as it appears here, it shows that the person’s goals and dreams are not in touch with reality. These people often talk about what they are going to do instead of doing it.

People whose ‘t’ bars cross the stem closer to the base usually aren’t as ambitious as those whose ‘t’ bars cross at the very top of the stem. Could that be one reason Donald Trump is contesting for the presidency?

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An area of concern, however, has to do with the frequency of angularity (sharp edges) in Trump’s handwriting, particularly in the way he signed his name in this sample currently examined. Anyone with a lot of angularity or sharp edges in his handwriting is either anxious or temperamental and the frequency (tempo) of this trait in a handwriting sample reveals how well the individual is able to exhibit self-restraint or discipline. It says a lot about the tolerance level of the person.

In my opinion, Donald Trump needs some anger management lessons or perhaps graphotherapy classes to start with.  With respect to the slope of his handwriting, he, no doubt, is an incurable optimist; and the muddiness (thickness of the ink) of the handwriting sample shows a high level of aggression.

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As the above sample shows, Hilary has a lot of vertical slants in her handwriting which, from the graphological point of view, shows a person who thinks from ‘the head’ and not from ‘the heart’. In order words, this handwriting sample shows someone who is rather objective than sentimental. She is not very aggressive as a person.

However, the loops in one of her upper zone letters (i.e letter ‘d’) shows that she is quite sensitive to criticism. So, the question is: Is she prepared for the heat Trump is likely to unleash on her? Maybe you are wondering who I feel would be better as the president of the United States in the coming election. Well, I leave that to the Americans to decide at the polls.

Watch out for more practical analyses in our subsequent editions. Until then, always remember, WHAT YOU WRITE IS RIGHT.



  1. Interesting analysis Pharm. Macjob. Ever since I attended one of your top notch body language/graphology sessions last year, I have been a keen observer of handwriting. Thank you very much for helping me enhance my soft skill set to improve my practice!


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