PSN Presidential Online Poll 2021⁰


Presidential Aspirants

As the Pharmaceutical Industry landscape is hitting up towards the upcoming Presidential Elections, billed to hold at the 94th Annual Conference of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, tagged “Garden city 2021”, the office of the PSN President is being contended for among four highly spirited aspirants, which are: Pharm. Tanko Ibrahim  Ayuba; Dr Lolu Ojo; Dr Otakho Daniel Orumwense and Prof. Cyril Usifoh.

As a Pilot Poll to the main elections based on social acceptance among our readers, we would like you to indicate your candidate here. Please note that voting ends at 12noon on 30 October, 2021.

Please we will like to STATE HERE that this ONLINE POLL is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for the upcoming PSN Presidential Elections in any way.

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  1. Prof. Usifo is a man you all would like to lead on this cos he’s got all that it would take to make our profession a better one.
    A man of integrity I stan

  2. When a profession such as ours, have an opportunity we have in the forthcoming conference, to change the course of the future… we should only put our best foot forward. We have great minds and capable hands amongst the aspirants for the office of PSN, President. However, Pharm. Tanko Ibrahim Ayuba, stands out for being well grounded in the affairs of this body as well as the profession. He is in tune with the yearnings of the different demographics that make up this great body and a proven achiever in his chosen carreer.

  3. Dr. Dan Orumwense is a trusted hand. He has served the association long enough to do well as president. Let’s vote for him.

    • Dan Orumwense has verse understanding of PSN issues with experience to take the society to an enviable height especially at this point in time. His leadership will guarantee our progress and development. So let’s vote for progress and development. Thank you

  4. Well done Pharmanews on the online polls.
    The voting numbers clearly shows that multiple voting is in play as well as voting by non Pharmacists.
    There are little adjustments that can be made in your browser that will allow multiple voting as many times as you wish.
    Kindly design something that can prevent all these flaws in the nearest future so that results from this poll can be more authentic.
    Thank you and well done.


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