Rape: Reps Disagree Over Bill Seeking Castration as Punishment for Rapists


The House of Representatives has voted against a prayer seeking to recommend castration for rapists.

The House, at the plenary on Thursday, considered and adopted a motion on the rising cases of sexual violence in Nigeria.


A member, Mr James Faleke, had recommended that persons found guilty of rape should be castrated.

Just before the prayer was subjected to a voice vote, the Speaker, Femi Gbajabiamila, however, asked what would happen to an older female who rapes a younger male.

The comment generated noise in the chamber.

However, putting the prayer to vote, the nays had it.

Meanwhile, in honour of victims of sexual violence in Nigeria, the House resolved that members should be dressed in black on the next legislative day, which is next Tuesday.


  1. This Toxic Feminism nonsense needs to be stopped right now. I see Toxic Feminism is now a dangerous threat to global Human Rights. Imagine if four woman lied about a fake rape and you got wrongfully convicted? How were they planning serve the life destroying punishment: to tie a man to gurney, then volently cut and mutilate his most intimate of sexual organs away from his body? This a sickening thought of real human rights violations to a man’s body, innocent or not. This law was all about power over men because it is all to common for females to lie about being raped for a plethora of reasons: revenge, financial extortion and lesbian man-hating issues, etc. Why can’t they just Legalize Prostitution? Toxic Feminism is literally destroying the world. The harsher the punishment the more cruel the criminal treats his/her victim during an assault. Again, Legal Prostitution in a Nevada, USA style “safe house” is always the best answer to prevent rape. Everyone knows that harsher penalties cause a rape to become a murder. End Toxic Feminism now!


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