Revealed: Natural Secrets of Cultivating Long Hair, Radiant Skin, Others


Observations have shown that the number of hours spent at the saloon for makeover is not commensurable to the outcomes, as treatment received by many females and even males have declined to produce the needed results.

But beauty experts have revealed the secrets to live beautifully, which they simply tagged”eat yourself beautiful”, which is attainable by including certain foods in your diet daily.

The beauticians, who began the list of beauty foods from yoghurt- for preventing wrinkles to cheese for a glossy mane, said these foods we keep you looking your best always.

According to the list of everyday beauty food compiled in an article on Daily Mail Online, it was stated that there are different foods rich in vitamins and minerals for the essential growth of the different organs of our body.

Below are the food lists for the essential care of the hair, skin, teeth, and nails


Cheese – Encourages growth: Cheese is rich in nutrients that promote the growth of long and healthy hair, according to research by, who put together the list of foods with amazing beauty benefits.

Oysters – Strengthens and thickens hair: A lack of zinc is said to weaken the protein structure which makes up hair follicles. Therefore, eating foods rich in zinc, such as oysters, will help strengthen follicles and encourage thicker, healthier hair.

Poultry – Strengthens and prevents hair loss: The protein found in poultry strengthens hair and encourages growth. When you don’t get enough protein in your diet, your body allegedly rations the protein is does contain which could damage your hair, potentially causing hair loss.

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Salmon – Encourages shine and growth: Salmon is full of Omega-3 fatty acids which feed the oil glands around hair follicles, giving hair a better shine. The acids also have anti-inflammatory properties to help open the hair follicles and encourage healthy growth.

Spinach – Prevents hair breakage: Spinach is full of nutrients including vitamin A, C, iron and beta carotene. These help keep your scalp and hair healthy and moisturised, which will prevent breakages.




Soy beans – Encourages more even skin tone: Soy beans contain many beneficial minerals, and are high in protein. Combined, it means soy beans are a great food for reducing blemishes, getting a clearer complexion, and a more even skin tone.

Kidney beans – Reduces the appearance of blemishes and acne: Kidney beans are high in zinc, which contains a number of healing properties. Many studies have found a strong correlation between low zinc levels and skin blemishes, while it has been suggested that zinc can be as effective as antibiotics for reducing acne – though there is limited evidence for this.

Avocado – Moisturises skin: Avocados are full of healthy fats which help keep your skin moisturised. Healthy fats have also been shown to protect skin from sun damage.

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Greek yoghurt – Prevents wrinkles: Greek yoghurt is said to have huge benefits for the skin, such as helping it to become firmer and more resistant to lines and wrinkles.

Olive oil – Reduces inflammation and puffy skin: Olive oil contains antioxidants which can help reduce inflammation or puffiness in the skin. The benefit can be obtained through consuming olive oil in the diet or applying it straight on the skin – particularly on any very dry areas.



Green tea – Reduces plaque: Studies have found that green tea can be extremely beneficial to dental health, through reducing plaque, lowering the acidity of saliva, and controlling bacteria levels. It’s believed that if you drink green tea you’re less likely to suffer from gum disease and tooth decay.

Cheese – Lowers acid levels and reduces the risk of tooth decay: Cheese is an incredible source of calcium, which is one of the most important nutrients for strong, healthy teeth. It has also been suggested that eating cheese raises the pH in your mouth, reducing the risk of tooth decay.

Strawberries – Whitens teeth: Strawberries contain a natural cleanser called malic acid, which is an enamel whitener.

Celery – Cleaner teeth and fresher breath: Celery is great for your oral health, as it requires a lot of chewing which stimulates the production of saliva. This saliva neutralises the bacteria in the mouth.

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Cashews – Reduces tooth decay: Cashew nuts are high in magnesium content, which helps promote healthy bones and teeth. They are also beneficial as they contain microbe-fighting properties which protect against the bacteria that contributes to tooth decay.



Mackerel – Strengthens and moisturises the nails: When you’re suffering from dry or brittle nails, upping your intake of essential fatty acids is an easy way to reverse these effects.

Chia seeds – Strengthens and encourages growth: Chia seeds are packed full of health benefits, such as being a great source of calcium, protein and magnesium. These nutrients are said to support collagen production in the body.

Pumpkin seeds – Strengthens and encourages growth: Pumpkin seeds offer a myriad of benefits, and supporting nail health is one. With high levels of protein, zinc and iron, these seeds contain all the key elements your nails need for strong and healthy growth.

Broccoli – Strengthens the nails: If you’re upping your intake of protein to encourage nail growth, broccoli is the perfect accompaniment, as it enhances the benefits of protein with the aid of an amino acid called cysteine, it’s said.

Raw cacao – Strengthens and encourages growth: Raw cacao is full of nutrients which help benefit nail health. These include magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium.




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